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Dirt Bike Carrier for 4WD

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Came across this while on eBay.
    Basically it attached to the tow point of the 4WD and you can load a dirt bike on.
    Anyone ever used one ? Experiences with them?
    I would post pics but can only provide the link to the eBay advert.
    Wouldn't let me copy them

  2. Like this one
  3. If you have a wide 4x4 and the dirt bike doesn't stick out over the sides of the vehicle, shouldn't have an issue. I have used an alloy wheelchair carrier which has a platform and worked fine.

    Just check the amount of weight your allowed on the hitch itself, its limited to a certain amount of weight directly on the hitch on the vehicle. The carrier plus the weight of the bike may be over that size, so do a double check :)
  4. Cheers for the info.
    It's a Mazda Tribute 4x4 for should be wide enough but I will get the measuring stick out this weekend.
    Will also check the user manual re: carrier weights etc.

    Thanks again !
  5. Ok now to get some figures.
    Width of the Tribute.
    Length of a KLX 250 (example)
    Weight of KLX
    Hitch weight capacity of Tribute !!
  6. I have used one of these.

    About 10 years ago my son had a TTR90, and I had a carrier made to my design. It was designed to fit into a 50mm tow bar receiver, had a solid U-channel for the bike wheels to sit in, and tie down rails for both front & back of the bike.

    I used it many times with no issues on a Prado, including long distance dirt roads. I wouldn't really like to put much more weight than the TTR90 on one though, but in my case it stuck out of the back of the car a fair way to clear the rear-mounted spare wheel. The 90 was about the same width as the Prado, so I think your KLX would be quite a bit wider than your Tribute.

    If you want some pics pm me an email address.
  7. And don't forget to use additional lighting on the back if you choose to go down this path. I followed a Honda CRV (!!!!) using one of these here in Tassie, and the lights (indicators, brake lights) were basically invisible. Makes the rig unroadworthy, even if width issues are taken out of the equation.
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  8. I would be keen to check that out ! Thanks for the info.
    I'll PM my email addy
  9. That was my initial thought when I first saw then for sale in line.
    I wondered how you could have one when all your lights are obstructed.
    I have noticed that the same mob who makes them also has a rear light rig to attach to it.
  10. DCP_0185.JPG DCP_0187.JPG DCP_0188.JPG

    These are the only ones I can find. Sorry about the quality - they were taken in the dark and camera res wasn't so good then:)

    Basically there is a wheel channel, bent up at one end for the front wheel.

    At 90 degrees to the channel, in the centre is a 50mm RHS which goes into the towbar receiver, with a hole for the securing pin & a collar to stop it going in any further. There are 2 diagonal braces between these 2 pieces, to strengthen the whole thing (as seen in the last pic).

    At either end of the wheel channel, welded at 90 degrees, are 2 tie-down bars with hook attachments.

    A home-made light bar with a bike carrier number plate is bolted onto the back, to keep it all legal.

    Because I couldn't see the bike in the mirrors, I mounted a "courier" type mirror to the top of the tailgate, angled down so I could see if it was still there. The bike copped a bit of 'sand-blasting" on the rims on dirt roads, so a later addition was a metal stone shield to stop this.

    The bike was light enough to lift into the carrier, one wheel at a time.