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Dirt Bike Beginner and CR 250 or 125 ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ramee, May 31, 2007.

  1. Guys/Girls,

    Just need a little help and advice with picking a suitible dirt bike for myself,,

    I have had no dirt bike experience in the past but I do own a cbr250rr which I have been riding for about 6 months now,,

    The sort of riding I want to do is mainly off-road, rocky tracks, open paddocks and a little bit of jumping...

    I have been checking out the CR 250 and 125 and am unsure whether or not it is a good reliable bike, can anyone out there share their thoughts and experiences with this sort of bike...My build is 88kg and 5'9ft...

    Also I'm going for a two stroker mainly cause my younger brother is pushing me this way saying they are alot more fun and powerfull, not sure on this,,,what are some four stroke bikes that are 'fun'..

    My budget is around the $3k mark also,,,

    Your help and feed back will be much appreciated...

  2. For 3K you can get a good Kawasaki KLX250. If you get a 2-stroke be sure the engine is not stuffed as they need to be rebuilt more often than 4-strokes.
  3. I don't know much about dirt bikes sorry, but the CR250 might be too much for you too handle given you have had no dirt experience. It is decidely quicker and harder to ride than the CBR250RR.

    The KLX does sound like a good option.
  4. 2-stroke 250cc dirtbikes are absolute ball tearers, but at your size you'll probably find a 125 a bit too much hard work to keep on the boil.

    Best of the lot IMO are the new generation of 4-stroke 250's, although I doubt a YZF250 or CRF250 would be in your budget.

    I would save a bit more for one of these, it will do all you ask of it, be more reliable, without being too intimidating like a 250 stroker is.
  5. Personaly i'd avoid the 125 2 strokes as you have to rebuild the little pricks all the time and there a shit of a thing to ride up a snoty, rocky hill.

    If you go for a 250 2 stoke most of them are OK but IF its an MX version look in to adding some weights to the flywheel (Balards has the i think) it tames down the power and gives you more useable torque.

    Just have a good think what you want to do AND what you will get for your money.

    personaly pick of the bikes in your price range 2 stroke RMX 250 4 stroke XR250

    4 strokes:
    easy to ride
    no mixing of fuel
    softer suspension
    easier on tyres

    2 strokes
    shit load of fun
    easier to rebuild
    more rebuilds
    chews tyres
    have to mix fuel
  6. A CR250 would be way more than you need as a beginner. A 250 road trail would be ideal...

    Definetly go a 2-stroke, a lot of fun, I'm a begginer myself, only ridden a DT175 (not even close to a CR125) and it was enough in the tight and rough stuff.

    Probally the biggest factor is, what do your mates ride? You might get frustrated eventually when your skills start to catch up to theirs, but they fly past like you're standing still.
  7. Guys thanks for all your input, it is great help and will definetly checking out majority of the bikes this weekend, I am pumped and need one soon!!!

    But the question in my head is to two stroke or not to two stroke???

    I guess there are the pros and cons for both engines but I will also leave the decision on which bike I find more comfort in,,,

    I wouldn't mind going the cr125 but I'm just not sure if it can handle my weight and height? They seem to be designed for teenagers, but then again I have not seen one in real life yet, will also leave it for this weekend...

    I keep hearing the rebuild question with two strokes and how common they are,,,what would be the cost of a rebuild??? Can this be done by yourself??

    Once again thanks for the help.

  8. Dont stress about rebuilding a 2 stroke top end, there isnt that much to it. From memory it costs me around $250 to do piston and rings, that includes gaskets, rebore and hone, coolant etc etc.
    I love the 2 stroke snap, instant power when you crack the throttle and it keeps things interesting. You can still do hill climbs and stuff but is usually a bit more of a challenge on the steep and rocky stuff but thats my prefered style so id say go the CR250.
    In saying this the newer 4 strokes are great bikes as well, they have a more predictable power delivery which some people prefer.
    End of the day you have to work out whats going to make you happy and go with it
  9. id say definatly a 2 stroke, so much more fun.

    had a cr 125 right up untill last year and i weigh in at 85kg.
    was my first bike after a little 50 and was great for me.
    just look for heaps of comppresion when your searching for one.
    oh, and watch out for the powerband.

  10. I road my mates yz450f omg so much power hehe first accidental power wheely is all i have to say about that.. if your new to motos a cr125 will be plenty!
  11. dont be scared of a 2 stroke 250, the power is only as brutal as your right wrist makes it.

    i've ridden both CR125's and CR250's and the CR250 is way more tracable and u dont have to rev the hell out of them to move quickly. the 125 you'll be able to throw around ALL DAY LONG but be ready for heaps of gearchanges to keep it on the pipe.

    the budget u have, a 90's mdl cr250 is in reach. be weary of the older ones as their power delivery was brutal and not somthing u should disrespect. the 1989 mdl was regarded as one of the best for brutal power.

    top end rebuild, hahaha they're a joke, my first ever mechanical work on a bike was a top end rebuild on a CR125 1995mdl, took about 2 hours of actual work, and about $300 all up.

    2 strokes are fantastic fun on the dirt and i cant wait to buy another one!
  12. You will find a CR125 more difficult to ride than a CR250.
    An amateur on an XR250 will be quicker than an amateur on a CR250.
    Something like a YZ426 is just a different kind of brutal, but still brutal.

    Go for a KLX300 or another bulletproof 4 stroke. It'll take you ages to outgrow it, and potentially you wont ever outgrow it.

    my 2c