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Dirt and Road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DUK35, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Hey Riders,

    just wondering - whats the big difference between the Road Helmets and the Dirt Helmets? - besides the shape and style that is.

    like - why are the dirt helmets shaped in that manner? is it sun protection? is it ventilation purposes?
  2. Both ventialtion and shade

    You wear goggles with a MX helmet and they are not made for high speed riding - too noisy and not aerodynamic at all.
  3. Yeah dirt helmets have a tendancy to try and rip your head off around 100kmph when doing shoulder checks. I only have one of each so if I'm taking a passenger I just remove the bill from the offroad helmet.
  4. hahaha DUK, dont tell me you're thinking of getting one...

    a cruiser rider with a moto helmet :rofl:
  5. hahahahaha yeah right! - I was just curious!!!

    part of my decision with the fight between the Harley (or shall I say cruiser) and SuperDuke in my head lol
  6. If you get a Harley you will HAVE to get an open-face helmet, or DuHAST won't talk to you, ever again :LOL:.
  7. hahahahahahaha

    thats one thing I can't do! open face on me looks like isht - I got a pin head !!!! hahaha

    I'll wear those face mask you get from the kids deal at the cinemas tho!

    I think I got Shrek laying around somewhere - that way I'll at least look like a BADASSSSS lol
  8. I have a brand new AGV MX Helmet which is apparently made from composite.

    Honestly, it feels like a stack hat on steriods. They all pretty much feel the same way
  9. ... and wear it backwards so we can post photos and point and laugh :LOL: :wink: