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Directions pleases? bike maps....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by al77, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. I'm a new rider and absolutely love it. I find any excuse to go for a ride. However, as i start riding more and more places rather than taking the car, I find myself sometimes lost with no idea how to get to where I want to go and without the conveniece of having a melway stashed under the car seat.

    Are the bike specific maps ie little bitty ones that you can stash under your seat.

    How does everyone else manage?

  2. pull into a servo and read one of their's :p
  3. i have a gps, worth the money :)
  4. Getting lost is half the fun :grin:. On a more serious note I have a few maps I've found on the 'net and printed out which I usually have folded up inside a jacket pocket.
  5. YOu can get a motorcycle atlas, but it doesnt cover all the streets. Just main areas.

    Maybe you could photocopy the melways before you go, only the pages on the areas you expect to be in.
    PITA i know.

    Or get yourself a cheap GPS
  6. What sort of gps? Can you load maps onto it? Handheld? I'd like to get one sometime soon.

  7. i've got a street directory that's small enough to be left open in the clear map compartment of a tank bag. thats the cheapest way.
  8. i got a good one, it was around $900
    but they can be bought for about 300 upwards
  9. I have a PDA Phone. There is a Microsoft Pocket PC program called "Pocket Streets" and I have the maps for every capital city. The coverage is pretty good but does cut out on the external fringes. However great for checking where you are and no need to carry a street directory.

    Sure a GPS is much better, but it is also something extra to carry.
  10. I use the australian motorcycle atlas which can be bought from the merchandise link or from bikemart in ringwood.
    Its shit for suburban riding but good for touring.

    And i usually know where i'm going is suburbia anyhow. Even in melbourne. Its not that hard.
  11. I've got a UBD street directory which fits easily into the back of the cbr, i'm not sure where it came from as the previous owner left it there for me but i'm pretty sure i've seen them at the RACV shop in doncaster before.
  12. Dude - Have you ever tried the NRMA travel planner
    You can put in start and finnish routes, put in stops (or waypoints), add point's of interest. And the best thing of all it prints out directions and estimated times. If you want you can expand the directions into tiny maps of those intersections!


    The god thing about this is you can probably print them off and they can fit onto your tank bag - if you have one!

    Hope it helps
  13. Thanks for all the tips, if its a planned trip then I use whereis and get print outs. But I'm looking for something when things arn't quite as planned and a computer is not handy.

    I think I'll give the RACV shop a go as Kraven said.

  14. Oh yeah - i see what you mean, NRMA is good for long distance

    If your POV then try ripping the map section out of your "local" white pages (i think its white). It works well because you can mark them and if they get dirty then no worries because they get replaced next year.
  15. I have a Gregory's street directory which, whilst not a patch on Melways, is convenient. I would suggest knowing where you're going from a Melways and use the smaller one for finer details....getting from Kew to Dandenong is a pain in the arse with the Gregory's as you have to look at 20 pages for the trip there, while the Melways is about 3. Much easier to see how you're getting there.

    www.whereis.com.au is also handy, but not terribly accurate.

    :grin: :grin: :grin: