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Direction Assistance Required - HELP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    It is my 39th Birthday over the Labour Day weekend and I plan on having a nice long ride. The plan is:
    - Saturday night 8th March - Wollongong
    - Sunday night 9th March - Bright

    SO, I would like some advise on the roads to take upto Wollongong. I plan on:
    Melbourne - Bright - Tintaldra - ???????.... So, what is the best way to goto Wollongong????? :?

    Assistance requested. :grin:
  2. If you come straight up the Hume, there'll be an exit at Picton to Picton Rd which brings you across to Mt Ousley Rd - which takes you down the mountain into Wollongong.

    I'm pretty sure that exit's off the Hume... maybe Princes Hwy.
    I recommend a tank-bag and a GPS ;)

    While in that area you absolutely MUST ride the Seacliff Bridge and Bulli Pass :) it's a dream to ride.
  3. I did a similar drive for my recent relocation from Melbourne to Wollongong (by packing my lil' 2-seat sportscar to the gills). The goal was to follow every single twisty road I could along the coast. ;)

    I'm not sure what's good around the Snowy Mountains area.. but I can talk about other parts!

    Closer to Wollongong, go into Nowra, then take the Kangaroo Valley Pass uphill to Robertson, then down the Macquarie Pass. That was good fun in the MR2, though the downhill run of Macq. Pass was clogged with bike and car traffic.

    Don't be a goose like I did and look at the road heading between Braidwood and Nowra. In my twisty-hunting I went BatemansBay-Braidwood (magic road!), Braidwood-Nowra, Nowra-Robertson, Robertson-W'gong.

    I know if you zoom in, the road North out of Braidwood looks like a nice squiggly road with some tighter corners in the middle, but the road is actually 55km of gravel even if Sensis' cartography doesn't show it. It sure suckered me in. :p
  4. :LOL: You're getting yourself a sore arse for your birthday :rofl:
    Happy birthday anyway :wink:
  5. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the assistance. :) I need a little more info. I know I can go via Thredbo and Jindabyne but then I have to head up the coast to Wollonong. Was hoping people knew of some alternatives.
    Keep thinking about it guys :)
  6. mitch nothing wrong with the coast road well once you get to the tilba turn off, if you go up to thredbo and jindabyne, head down to bega and head to tathra go up the sapphire coast road, is a nice fun road between towns

    once you get to batemans you can head up the kings hwy over the clyde, go through braidwood turn off for goulburn to the right about 25k out of braidwood, as you go past the race course in goulburn turn right and follow that road over the dodgy old bridge til you are out of town take the first left ang go up through bungonia rec area, taking the first left which is about 15-20k up the road there a bit, follow this road and it will bring you out at marulan

    after the weighbridges take the first right which will take you through tallong, bundanoon, exeter, out to the village of sutton forrest turn right at the t-intersection and follow that through to mossvale, at mossvale turn right at the road about to the gong out through robertson and then down the mac pass
  7. whatever you do, make sure you do Batemans Bay to Braidwood, its an awesome uphill climb.
  8. pro-pilot nearly nailed it, cant be skipin' bermi-tathra rd.
  9. You planning to ride for 24 hours non-stop?

    No way you could do half of what you are suggesting in one day, safely.

    Using the Hume highway - geelong to albury = 4.5 hours. OK, I know geelong is not on the hume, but you know what I mean.

    Albury to Wollongong = 6 hours at the least. Any deviations to include good roads will double the time.

    No stops included in the above. Are you celebrating by torture or by pleasure?


    Trevor G
  10. and if you need a bed for the night, i can supply one :)
    as nibor will assure you, even if i'm not here cause im out making roads in the middle of buttfuk nowhere, the bed still is :grin:
  11. trevor g, it is completely doable, maybe you need to get out on the bike more, and it's no more then 3 and a half hours at the speed limit from geelong to albury

    when you think about rides in a way that you need to get from A to Z thats when you run into trouble, break it down into smaller segments so your not thinking you need to do 1000kms, that you actually only need to do 200, then another 200 and so on, helps to beat the mental barrier which defeats alot of riders when it comes to big rides

    mitch knows what he is capable of, and i'm sure he wouldn't be thinking about it if he wasn't capable of doing the ride
  12. Pro-Pilot has it, but personally I wouldn't go via Wang. I'd go Bairnsdale, up to Omeo.

    I wouldn't go near the Gong, it's a tip. But the Illawarra Hwy is amazing as you come down from the hills. The Grand Pacific is nothing, I wouldn't worry about that either.
  13. We just did it - hurrying to get there (Waurn Ponds, 10 mins south of the CBD) and generously removing stops it was over 4 hours by car sitting just over the speed limit on GPS corrected readings.

    We do albury - airport all the time and the tulla turnoff is just under 3 hours. You must really fly the next stage to geelong... :) How about we say 4 hours?


    Trevor G
  14. haha yeah no problems trevor, the last 2 times which are the last 2 times i will ver do it, pretty sure we covered it in the 3 and a half hours, but unfortunately it is one of the most boring drives ever and seems like 6 hpours especially once you hit broadford (heading south) with the road safety cameras
  15. Cool all.... These look like some good options.... Thanks for all the tips and heads up...... Geelong to Albury, yeah, about 4.5hours if travelling on or around the speed limit.... Boring, hell yes :)

    With regards to doing it all in one day.... Definately..... Looks like we are going to have to go over from Bright to Mt Hotham to Dinner Plains and then up the coast..... The other way wont work, too many HWY km....... I will think about it more tonight......

    So, anyone want to meet me somewhere/part of the way and escort me to Wollongong.....?
  16. Yeah. <3

    Just don't turn right at Braidwood towards Nowra! ;)
  17. Ok then, it is allllll sorted.

    Here is my plan..... I am going to fly my bike to Wollongong.... Hahhh, just kidding.

    Leave Geelong at 5:00am - :eek:

    Ride through to Corryong via Mansfield, Bright, Towonga, Granya and then meet up with my tour guide from Canberra.

    The plan is to then ride to either Wollongong or Bermagui for the night......