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Direct battery connection

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Owl PhD, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. I want to get a 12V tyre inflator but all the cheapo ones have a car lighter plug. I was wondering if I can cut the plug off and connect the two wires directly to my 12V battery with alligator clips. I only want a cheap pump because I only intend to use it to add half a dozen psi when I go from solo to two up riding, so I'm not after hi performance.

  2. sure, why not?

    the supplied plug will often have a fuse in it, so maybe good plan to put a fuse in line somewhere

    a bicycle floor/track pump will do the job and not need power :)
  3. Yes you can theoretically, some very cheap wires use a foil type conductor which is very difficult to solder or reconnect to though. Easier to wire a female power outlet on to your bike.
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  4. As oldcorrollas said you need to have a fuse so if it's in the plug, you can get an adapter
    From plug to clamps for about 7 bucks ,if the fuse is in the wire,cut plug of and go for it.
  5. Why not just wire a socket directly to your battery so that you can just plug in the pump when you need it ?
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  6. You can certainly crimp some alligator clips onto it, you can put an in-line fuse in it however I personally wouldn't bother....the 50cent badly made internals will act as a fuse before any damage is done.

    Just be aware that your bikes battery is very small compared to your car and you can run it down very quickly, I'd leave the bike idling and go for a quick ride afterwards.
  7. If it were me I would wire a fused power socket permanently to the bike battery. This would allow you to easily plug in the pump any time you want plus any other accessories such an inspection light, phone charger, etc. If carefully located you might also run a sat nav whilst underway.

    The major advantage of the socket is it also allows you to connect a battery charger, even perhaps a small solar panel, without having to get access to the battery terminals.
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  8. Nicholai_ChevNicholai_Chev these actually fit into the Ctek plug?? Sorry for sounding like a doubting Thomas but I have been looking for something to do exactly that and have never been quite sure if they would or not.
  9. Sorry should have clarified ..these do not work with the Ctek....Never have been able to find a plug that would fit into their new connector.
    To get around this I just re-plugged a new connector onto the charger and all my accessories.
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  10. Need to be careful using ctek cig socket with air compressors. Fuse is only 5 amps, so if the compressor uses more than this, then you will blow a fuse. I used a Tomcat compressor with this connection and it frequently blew the fuse (although not always). I ended up getting a socket with a 10 amp rating to use with my compressor.
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  11. My old BMW has a fused 12 volt socket fitted as standard, a "BMW socket" also known as a Merit plug. Merit plugs and sockets are available from JayCar and are a bit more reliable than the cigarette lighter plug.

    Below is the setup I use. I cut the battery clips off my charger and fitted a male cigarette plug. The clips I then fitted with a cig female so they can be reconnected for direct battery connection if needed.

    I have a short lead made up with a merit plug to connect to the bike leading to a cigarette female which allows me to connect the charger or run a phone charger or navigation power supply which typically have a cig lighter plug.

    The bike battery is charged by connecting the charger to the Merit lead.

    I know it looks a bit complicated but it allows great flexibility

    Bike charger plugs.
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  12. Michael is right, these are a good connector much better than the cigarette lighter type as they connect much more positively and are rated to 12 amp. Also known as Powerlets or ISO4165 standard plugs they were first used on German military vehicles and have stood the test of time.
  13. This was worth watching because it had a foot pump in it which I did not think of using so I gave my bicycle pump a shot at this, which cost me 23 bucks delivered on ebog from Nixeycles


    Works really well, clipped on to the valve and I lost a few psi doing that, but it got it up to the extra 6 or so psi that I require for two up riding, in about 30 seconds with minimal effort. For the purposes I require which is pumping at home before going out, I obviously do not need a portable pump. So I guess anyone in the same boat where you need to adjust pressure by a small amount on a regular basis, this is a good option.

    The gauge is not very accurate, it displayed 50psi to give me a true reading of 41psi.

    I also have coming from china a female cigarette lighter to alligator clip adapter if I ever decide to go electric.
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