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Dimi's New Ride!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dimitra V5, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. After a long spell of being bike less, I mustered up the courage to throw a leg over a bigger bike. In 18months of searching, the field had narrowed to only but a few. So with Diego (Jake) and Sunshine Boy (Mark) as the faithful bike fashionistas we headed out for a day of serious shopping. The step was taken the test ride done and my heart was set on the shape of a Ducati M695.

    Metro Honda in Ringwood had just that bike, 2,500ks on the clock, first registered in Feb 2008 and in just the right colour – black with red frame (red makes it go faster!). A short test ride by me, Jake and Mark giving it the thumbs up and there were smiles upon the faces of all. I shook the piggy bank and shake it hard I did. I knew to have this bike each penny would be spent and then some. So after 1 week of negotiating, the deal was done and I became the proud owner of the Ducati. Ofcourse the preload has been perfectectly adjusted to suit my personal lil frame and allow both feet on the ground :grin:

    So BIG thank you to my “bike pimps†Jake, Mark for taking the time to look at bikes and take me out as a pillion on the Aprilia’s. Big thanks to Scumbag for ensuring the bike was to his satisfaction. :cool:

    THANK YOU to Metro Honda Ringwood, Thank you! Glenn, John & John! I’m a very happy girl - THANK YOU! I’ll be back again for the accessories and have every faith in you being the best dealership who actually want to sell you the right bike – not just any bike!

    So Netriders when you’re looking for your next bike and/or accessories, I highly recommend Metro Honda Ringwood for anything you need. Go and see Glenn, Brian and John (both John’s) they really are the best in business.

    See you out there on a ride sometime.

    Ciao ciao
    Dimitra V5
    Honorary member of Virago country!
  2. Nice, put up some pics, quickly, otherwise you'll have to suffer to wrath of Ktulu!!!
  3. Nice one Dimi, I'll keep an ear out for you thundering past Cruickshank park!
  4. Patience Guru photos will come in time... Ktulu will be appeased :wink:

    you betcha Loz - you'll hear me blast past :p
  5. Congrats Dimi.

    Lovely to see you back on two wheels. :)
  6. Big congrats, Dimi!
    I bought from Metro too - top guys :grin:
  7. Congrats mate ..
    Don't take to long posting up pics. Klutu is not known for his patience in this area. :p
  8. Keeeeewl, Duke huh :-k sure bets a Vespa with your 2 pussycats at the controls :LOL:
    Congrats Dimi. Lovely ride :wink: +1 on the snaps
  9. Congrats Dimi

    Nice to see another person with great taste in bikes.

  10. Yay Dimi
  11. Hush Hush Dimi. Me and Deyago are trying to develop a reputation as hard arsed bastards and you have gone and ruined it by saying how noice we are. Now I am going to have to spray some newbie learner for asking a simple question about safety gear.

    On a serious note, congratulations. A big thank you should go to Ringwood Honda/Ducati. The bike was filthy when we test rode it, but after it was put through the Scumbag ringer, and 92 hours of polishing later, it looked like a brand new bike. Top effort to everyone out there, and I recommend any purchase from there. I can now throw the cowl back on the big yellow Ape and flash the V's at any further requests for pillion duties. Unless another nice girls asks...
  12. Foolly sick Dimi!

    Chairlady and I are stoked that the bike is home and in your shed. Looking forward to hearing that big-twin rumble soon.
  13. Hurry up, snotface!
  14. kaloriziko ;)
  15. There he is!! Its all over for you now Dimi! lol
  16. I have to concur. It's taken me ages to develop the Western-Suburbs-Meataxe persona and it's been effectively reduced to nice-man-takes-pretty-lady-bike-shopping-type-guy - feck! Now I must start insulting noobs and R1 riders and using -> :roll: <- a lot.:twisted:

    Dimi managed to get herself a real gem of a bike. The boys at Metro Honda really did do the best they could to give her a great deal. I used to work with John Rigoni when he was still in the finance trade and know he operates with integrity and honesty and would recommend him and Metro to anyone - not something I would usually say about many people.

    Now that's been said.....

    Truth be told, I only did it to get a ride of a 1098S - and it was worth it!
    Also, the 695 is a great little bike but if anyone tells me Ducatis are better than Aprilias I'll smash yez faces in... an stuff.*

    *Meataxe persona restored
  17. Congratulations Dimi

    :dance: very exciting news!

    Look forward to seeing you out there...i'll be the one drooling :LOL:
  18. Grats Dimi. :grin:
    everybody is getting new bikes but me... :(
  19. Still no pics.

    Crap thread is crap.
  20. Mark and Jake put their hands up to 'test ride' an Italian Vtwin.. Who'd a thunk it.

    Congrats on the new bike Dimi, hope you get many enjoyable years riding riding from it.