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Dimi's fully licenced! Bike suggestsions please.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robsalvv, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Dimi (aka Dimitra V5) has now served her 12month restriction time!! [​IMG][​IMG]

    She currently rides a virago and has just done about 2000km of twisty corners and has had the virago screaming in pain keeping up with the 600+ cc bikes around tassy.

    I'd like some suitable bike suggestions for someone who isn't "short" but would be considered (ahem, cough, cough) "undertall".

    Current possibilities are the Suzuki GSR600 (lowered) and the Hardley Dare-it-son 883.

    She's tried sitting on a Hornet 600, SV650, VF750 and a monster 6something and her toes barely touched the ground.

    All "g" rated suggestions welcome!

    Thanks folkss!!
  2. First of all congratulations, Dimi, and now I guess the faithful ex-Voyager Virago will pass into yet another set of hands.

    Here's a good place to start. Yes, it's a US site so the measurements are in inches, but here's the seat height of most modern and new bikes....

  3. I sat on a heap of bikes (being undertall :wink: ) and ended up with the GS500. I still shaved the seat and manage, but wouldn't mind another inch to play with :?

    Since I got it though, the ER6 and the GSR6 have been released. I found the ER6 the perfect height, although I am still to try the GSR.
  4. :woot: congrats Dimi !!!
    :dance: :dance: :dance:

    Suggest you speak with Dan before letting go of the virago :wink:
  5. Buell is bringing out a special, low seat height version of the Lightning soon - XB12Scg (Centre of Gravity, geddid?). S'posed to be about 730mm or thereabouts.
    What's the budget?
    Cagiva's Raptor 650 is pretty low in the saddle, too.
  6. ok you said G rated so not a super sport, eg 600 GSXR??? There is a thread up by an under-tall guy checking out the bikes and that fit him the best.
    How about a Honda RVF400???
    Or a GS500F???
    Good luck with the choice and congrats on the open licence:grin:
  7. In 07 HD has released the XL883L to our market, aka the 883 LOW,
    Its got fuel injection & HD factory security system as standard, its sticker price is only $10995 plus on road, its got mid mount foot controls, and the seat height is: Laden 641.3 mm Unladen 668.0 mm.
    Bloke i know has one & is very happy, Paid 12 and a touch ride away with a set of pipes and you would never pick the sound isn’t a 1200 or bigger, also has nice cast alloy wheels as standard.
  8. No offence to anyone, but if she likes corners that much, I really can't see another cruiser making her happy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. [​IMG] yayaya Dimi.

    You have covered the obvious, suspension, seat etc, so I'm not going to suggest a bike, because everyone feels comfortable on different bikes. But dont over look @ getting extra soul on boots, if Dim feels like she needs just that little bit more security.
  10. charmed wrote:

    Seat hieght means a bit, but seat width is just as important. 1 x bike with a 790 seat height may feel good while another feels terrible. Just need to get the bum on as many as possible to find out. Then again hell, as long as you can get one foot on the deck at the lights who cares?

    Congrats and good luck with the 2nd most fun part about riding (choosing your new bike!!!)
  11. Is a ZX14 out of the question ?? :shock: Congrats on being able to upgrade..
  12. ZZR600?

    Good for shorter riders, I know.
  13. Congats Dimi! :woot:

    I'll bring my bike into Willy coffee and you can have a sit on it. I also felt like the SV was a bit big for short legs but the ER has a thinner seat so it's easier to get the feet down. :)

    Or you could just take Rob's bike when he's not looking. :LOL:
  14. I have a GSR 600 and love it I am 5'10'' though so seat height is not important to me. My wife has riden the bike and she is 5'6'' and has no problems at all with the seat height. The upright seating position is confidence inspiring and easy to balance. Standard static seat height is 785mm and the seat would not be able to be modified.
  15. I found the zzr600 just about perfic for those people of normal height, (I honestly believe anybody over 170cm is abnormally tall)

    If you want to try it out look me up at the Supers.
  16. KTM Adventure S?

    Okay I'll be serious. We have to limit Dimi to a Honda CT110. Anything more powerful and she will embarass us all. I can also inform everyone that a 250 Virago maxed out with luggage can top out at 140 downhill with a tailwind and crazy rider attached.

    (Ask Rob for a ride of the ZX9 :grin: )
  17. Sunshine boy... as soon as you left us in Tassie... it clouded over!!!!

    I spoke to Raceway Suzuki who said that the GSR600 could be lowered as much as 2" with the right kit. It's sounding like the front runner cause she's lovin corners but not wet roads :( ... another cruiser might not cut it with this new found love of cornering.

    Thanks for all the good info guys and gals. The process will begin shortly... Will take a look at that other mentioned thread.


  18. mate if raceway suzi is your dealer then let me know. Brian the salesmanager there is a personal friend of mine.. and they are all great to deal with..
  19. Thanks Blue. :)

    Of the suzuki mobs approached with a general enquiry, they were the most helpful. They'll definitely be getting a visit.


  20. can I ask how short she is?
    cause I'm 5'7" and sitting on my hornet in my boots, I can touch both feet flat on the ground.