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Dim Sim

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wizzardofaus, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Just a short rant,
    On friday, I looked out the front window of the cafe I work in to check on my bike like I often do only to see that some dim wit has parked about 4 inches from my bike, now I ask you would she have parked so close to a car?
    And no she didnt sqweeze in, there was about a car length in front of her.

    I quicky went outside and copied down the number plate etc and took a pic with my phone just in case she backed into it when she tried to leave and did a runner.
    Fortunately I stood out front and watched as she pulled out to make shure she didnt, and she didnt, so I guess all was ok in the end, but I was very nervous and pissed off at the same time.

    Have a look at the pic and tell me if you think I am over reacting.

  2. was the parking area marked, or unmarked? thats pretty freakin close, and inconsiderate towards you, assuming u want to move the bike while she is there. unless there is a million other cars around and no parks available and there was barely any room, i'd simply ask her to give you a bit more room to begin with.
    speak up next time, be polite, but definately say something.
  3. +1
    I'm with Robin
  4. Thank the Lord, I thought this topic might have been about me.

    Obviously she had to reverse the car to get into that position. I wonder if she's an impeccable judge or just couldn't give a stuff whether she hit your bike or not? Maybe she DID hit it then moved forward a touch? I'd be checking for marks on my mirror.
  5. Maybe she also thought what most motorists think; that it's a bike and it's light and easy to manoeuvre round at low speed so it wouldn't be a problem for you to get out of your spot....
  6. Hornet I dont think she even thought, she didnt even look into her mirror when she pulled out, and yes flinders I did check mirrors etc.
    Nibor, the area is un marked and I thought of saying somthing but with the mood I was in it would have been very hard to be polite, best I say nothing and not provoke anyone.
  7. why park on the road? you asked for it.
  8. No he didn't it's not Victoria where he lives but NSW where footpath parking is illegal, next time think before you type.

    Wizard, I hazard a guess she had parking sensors on her car and knew exactly when to stop, particularly if you claim she didn't use her mirrors.
  9. i think she was just lucky. the bike isnt a flat surface so parking sensors wouldnt be that accurate. honestly some people just reverse and hope for the best, ive had my share of 4x4's reversing into in carparks.

    if you see that again best to just move your bike a metre back or so, i wouldnt leave it up to the driver's skills to avoid hitting my bike
  10. I'm pretty sure its a requirement in NSW to park at least one meter from another vehicle.
    That's what the cops told me after I parked my car very close behind another because it had about four meters clear in front of it.
  11. If you were parked outside of a cafe, she could have been using the reflection off the glass windows to park the car safely.

    I wouldn't worry unless she hit your bike.
  12. I'd park that close.
  13. Pretty much all new cars have reverse parking sensors so they just keep backing up till the thing tells them too. Parking for dummies. I cringe when I watch people trying to park their MOD EDIT 4WD's next to my bike parking sensors or not.

    EDIT: :-k
  14. i can understand why you were concerned. the worst that could happen to her car is a chip in the paint but if she knocked your bike over it could possible be a write off! should have let down her tyres :) just kidding
  15. Looks like good parking skillz to me. Dont know why you are whinning. :cool:
  16. Doubt she even knew there was a bike there, your just lucky she thought she was in a nice spot to stop where she did!
  17. I 2nd the parking sensors claim. Do you really think a lemming could get that close without knocking your bike over without sensors?
  18. You do have to wonder what would have happened if someone parked closer to her at the front.
  19. I'm with Blaring Mike on this one.

    She's close, but not so close that you can't simple ride off. You've all assumed that it was luck or technology that stopped her from touching the bike. Perhaps she can actually park? It's not that difficult and in lots of places if you can't park in a tight spot you don't get to park anywhere.

    If you don't want someone butting up against you like that, park the bike in a position in the parking spot that precludes it.
  20. a FEMALE did a