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Dill of the Week (and the month)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Stories like this just write themselves. :roll:

    Today you're tonight's news
    February 23, 2007

    A TV reporter who supplied chains to lock an 84-year-old woman to a nursing
    home door for a story has been sacked by the Seven Network.

    Today Tonight reporter Nicholas Boot was suspended after the story on Tuesday
    about grandmother Shirley Frey's dispute with a Sydney nursing home.

    The story said she had chained herself to a door when threatened with eviction.

    In fact, Boot had supplied the chains and the story was a stunt.

    "Nicholas Boot left his employment with the Seven Network on 22 February 2007
    to pursue other opportunities," said a two sentence statement issued by the
    Seven Network tonight.

    Anna Coren introduces the story, for which she later made an on-air apology.

    "There is no ill feeling between Nicholas and Seven and we wish him well in
    his future endeavours."

    While Today Tonight and Nine's A Current Affair are fierce rivals in the current
    affairs timeslot, Seven was forced to concede this week that the embellished
    report was the result of a serious error in judgment from the reporter.

    Seven head of news and current affairs Peter Meakin labelled the incident "silly"
    and "one of the more embarrassing" incidents he had dealt with.

    Today Tonight host Anna Coren apologised for the misleading story on Wednesday

    She said the chains were added to the scenario to illustrate the point that Ms Frey
    felt like a prisoner in her room.

    Ms Frey's dispute with the retirement home will be heard in the NSW Supreme

    Nicholas Boot

    Source: Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Such was the shocking nature of the story that the following morning the federal
    Department of Health and Ageing sent officers to her Willoughby retirement facility
    to investigate.

    "Once pictures were aired with a resident chained up, naturally the department
    sent officials to the home to ensure that the resident was safe and well and that
    her rights weren't being infringed," Malcolm Cole, a spokesman for the Minister for
    Ageing, Santo Santoro, told smh.com.au.

    It was only then that Today Tonight's story started to unravel.

    "When they arrived there, the lady wasn't chained up," Mr Cole said.

    "As I understand it, the department officers asked her where the chains were and
    she advised that the television crew had brought them and then taken them away

    Last night Coren was forced to make an on-air apology, blaming the stuff-up on
    Boot's unfortunate creative initiative.

    "Now we need to set the record straight," she said.

    "Last night we featured a report on 84-year-old Shirley Frey, a nursing home resident
    locked in a battle with the operators of the home. That battle continues.

    "We reported that Shirley was living chained to her room. In fact, this is not the case.

    "Today Tonight reporter Nicolas Boot took the chain with him to illustrate the fact Shirley
    felt like a prisoner in her room.

    "We regret the actions of this journalist and are investigating the matter internally.

    "We apologise to our viewers if you felt misled."

    A profile about Boot on Today Tonight's website says: "Nicolas has spent much of his
    reporting career exposing scams and making people accountable for their actions."

    Channel Seven's head of news and current affairs, Peter Meakin, said Boot had made
    a "bad call" and the network did not tolerate such conduct.

    He said the reporter would be given a chance to explain himself today and a decision
    on his future employment with Today Tonight would be known soon.

    "When we found out what had happened, we decided to come clean with our audience
    because they're the people we have our first responsibility to," Mr Meakin said.
  3. So Nicholas got the Boot :rofl:
  4. hot damn - and i always thought Today Tonight was so credible. i'm so disillusioned :p
  5. If you make a false report to police you can be charged...
    Here someone has made a false report that could initiate a ploice action, and aired it in public...
    I am prety sure there should be charges being laid.
  6. Interesting to know, was it really the reporter that came up with the idea to chain her or is the TV network using him as an scape goat to cover the blame? Either way him being involved, he is an absolute maggot for traumatising and humiliating an helpless old person like that.

    If those involved would do that to a helpless old person they'd do that to other helpless individuals in the community like children.
  7. Not enough people are naming their kids Shirley these days.
  8. with ecxeptional timing and speed you beat paul to the pun :LOL:
  9. I thought the exact thing when reading this story, i'm sure this is just common practice with that pathetic show.
  10. G'day everyone,.......

    Well just ask yourself this then,....

    If thay got caught out on this so called story,..
    How many others have thay gotten away with then?

    The media dose'nt do any actual fact finding and reporting anymore,....
    It's all now about entertainment,.....rateings,....and media activisam!

    Dr Who?