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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Niven, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. I have a small dilemma on my hands!
    Im moving into the 600cc class after spending the better part of 6 years on 250's! Both dirt and road! My first bike was a WRF 250 and my second was a Vt 250 Spada which is now for sale if anyone is interested haha! (0410926146)!

    My situation is: Im looking to move up. Im leaning towards a 2000 R6 or a CBR600 F3! Ive sat on both and both feel good and nimble and throwable, but I cant make up my mind, so I thought I would ask for some help :p
    Ill mostly be commuting to and from uni and then in holidays be going to warwick through peachester (because its cool:p!)
    Does anyone have experience on both of these?

    Dont be saying there both good! Pick a side so I can tally the results! :D

    Haha, discuss!
  2. Do you *have* to pick a supersport for mainly commuting? Sounds like you want something other than a cramped up sportsbike.
  3. the 1999-02 r6 can develop a problem with the clutch between 1st and 2nd....though this mainly seems to be in neglected or wheeled bikes.....

    in saying that mine is a 01 and is fine, and haven't had any major problems with it :)

    Never had a honda.....always seem over priced imo :)
  4. The CBR F (3 & 4) Series are a nice relaxed bike, not really like a modern supersport. (Not cramped at all)
    The R6 is a little more hard on the wrists (But hey you can easily learn to live with it)
  5. I dont plan on doing a lot of wheelies to be honest, its not something Ive considered when buying a bigger bike. Ive had enough run ins with the law. I got a ticket for being on a motorised vehicle without a helmet unlicensed!

    ... I had just cleaned my bike i got that day and turned it on for 5 minutes to run new oil through and a cop rocks up.. I was on private land.. 1200$ fine. GG!

    Hws the R6 go over longer distances? the commute to work/uni is about 20 kms a way but warwick is a solid 400kms through peachester! Is it that bad on your wrists?

  6. Tell me you fought that.
  7. Private land? Shouldn't be hard to beat that ticket.
  8. No brainer...
    Ones a Honda and the other is a.... :sick: Yamaha :sick:
  9. private land? mate I would have laughed at him and told him to bugger off. Doubt you'd even have to go to court to get that one thrown, just write a letter to them.
  10. The CBR600F3 is a great bike to commute on, the ride position is fantastic. They're cheap to buy and cheap to service. Not sure about the R6, but I think the F3 would have more suitable power delivery for commuting. If you get to test ride an F3, check to see if there's a hole in the power around 5.5k, try to find one with a less noticable one.
  11. age 20? check what your insurance premiums will be for a 600 :shock:
  12. Should be able to get away cheaply for third party.
  13. You'll get used to what ever bike you pick. It just takes a couple of days. At our age our bodies can take the punishment that all the old men can't.

    Personally I'd get the R6, but I don't commute so it would be mainly for hooning. But the Honda F series (pre RR) were much more road rider friendly.

    The R6's (and R1's) of that era are notorious for blown gearbox's. So if you plan on purchasing one, make sure you test ride it and give it a good workout between 1st and 2nd.

    Oh yeah - I wouldn't bother with comp insurance at 20 for a early 2000's 600. It will cost you just as much in premiums and excesses as what the bike is worth. Just get 3rd party property so your covered for any damage you do to others.

  14. Buddy of mine back in the US got a GSXR1000 when he was 16. Wanna guess his comprehensive insurance quote?
  15. Half the yearly budget of a small African country :LOL:??
  16. Pretty damned close. They quoted him SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    So he ended up just getting liability & theft coverage, figured "Screw it, I can buy a new bike if I crash it cheaper than going through insurance" :shock:
  17. you got bent.

    bent real bad.

    can you still stand up ?
  18. get the f3.. doooo ittttt

    Dont ask me why. :p

    port80.. what causes the hole in power around 5.5k??

    oh and insurance is $60 a month through CGU. Im 26 now but it was the same when I was 24.
  19. I believe that it is due to noise/emissions regs. Some bikes suffer from it more than others.
  20. They slugged me $800 for compulsery third party injury insurance on the storm.... I hate insurance salesmen.... :evil: