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Dilemma! Practicality Vs Passion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DeeKayAdventures, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a Dilemma... wanted to see the general consensus on this one...

    I have a beautiful GSXR 750 and I love this bike..... but I only get an average of 150km per tank.
    She's been checked over, tyres are checked regularly etc and I cant afford two bikes.

    Do I downgrade and to and say ninja 650 or CB 400
    Keep the beast?

  2. Seeing as the thread title is practicality vs passion - if the answer is passion, of course you can afford two bikes!
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  3. I dont think anyone but yourself can really answer that. I dont know your financial situation. You could always put yours up for sale (it can take a while) and buy something more frugal. If your not happy, sell it and buy something else. There is of course a bit of stuffing around buying and selling but none of your mentioned options are once in a lifetime propositions.
    Also when you say 150kms for a tank, how many litres is it taking to refill? My 2003 gsxr1000 would easily get over 200ks before the fuel light came on and even then I'd get to 250ks easily and still have a couple of litres left when I filled it. Used to average around 6l/100km.
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  4. only 150 km per tank? you know you have another 5 gears up :) just kidding. I got about 220 km before the fuel light came on out of a gsxr 600 07 model I think. What gearing are you running? even that should not make it that thirsty but I am a little skeptical.
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  5. For money reasons, I wouldn't sell and buy a CB400, get a non LAMS and get value for money. Post up your fuel consumption though, maybe you can extend your range without selling the bike.
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  6. Only 150 per tank? What are you cruising at, 200km/h?
    Get it tuned, shift up or change your sprokets to bring your revs down at cruise...

    By the time you sell, buy and register a new bike you could have brought ALLOT of fuel.
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  7. Put some air in your tyres
  8. No no no no no! Just in case, NO! passion wins!
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  9. No one will tell you to get rid of it mate,(scooter riders excluded) there has to be more to the story.
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  10. As you know the tank is only 16.5 litres so range is always going to be poor on the model. The real question is do you need more range? If you are touring long distances then maybe so, but for commuting and scratching does it matter?
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  11. I lay awake at night lusting after boring bikes.
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  12. Mate you should be getting way more than that.
  13. Is that 150k per tank or until the light comes on? Be better if you told us how many litres you're using. I get around 6l per 100k on my street triple.
  14. And what year the bike is, how many kms the engine has done, what type of fuel he puts in, how many litres he gets in when he fills the bike, what type of riding he's doing (city commuting/touring), what tyre pressures he's running, stuff like that.
  15. How many liters are you putting in on average when you fill up?
  16. Not that I know anything about it, but seems a bit odd. The Zthou only has a 15 litre tank, but I still usually get at least 200km before the last bar.
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  17. Be careful!

    I know I have heard all too often riders regret selling a bike they love - to offer the buyer to buy it back off them again and declined. Years on still regretting ever selling their bike. I can't say I've heard many riders say they regret keeping a bike.

    Weigh up the pro's and con's between both.

    With the GSXR - you sound like you love that bike, and that the only issue with it is the range on the tank. (Which as some mentioned here, sounds a little low & you may be able to get a bit more range).

    With the downgrade you get extra range - but will you still enjoy riding as much? Will it be even worth getting on the thing since your enjoyment of the GSXR.

    Consider that the inconvenience of the GSXR is momentary. (The time you spend filling it up more). The inconvenience of a less powered bike is constant the entire time you ride.

    Now - if the GSXR is stopping you from having additional enjoyment. (ie, you can't ride certain roads because there's no fuel, and it's stopping you from going on big trips, etc) - and downgrading will have benefits outweighing the cons - then you have a decision to make. If it's just an inconvenience however I'd be more cautious.

    Since you're unsure - my advise is to do nothing at the moment. Do not sell the bike - until and unless you are absolutely positive that it's the right move for you.
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  18. I recommend what has been ^^^
    But let's get a bit anal here...I think you should not sell just yet. Passion is not a bad thing in your life.
    Start really keeping tabs on your fuel for a bit. Keep your receipts for fuel and a little pencil and write down your kms each time. Also what octane are you putting in??
    Keep a record .Then really calculate it out. Then you will really have all the facts for your girl.
    I am a novice and know sfa but now that I have a bike with some serious giddyup (woohoo) I now know that if I am cracking a lot of ks @ $1.50 pr more, I really chew through the petrol. It actually scared me to see the fuel gauge drop so so quickly.

    Anyway maybe just monitor her really well for a bit.
    Could also take her in for a service with a completely different service shop...just to be sure- would still be cheaper than selling buying. 150k is pretty piss poor.
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  19. Is the real issue one of cost? If it is cost, downgrading will probably reduce insurance, servicing and tyre costs as well.
    If riding is mainly about transport, it's a no brainer. If you ride for fun, that's different.
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  20. Sort out the bugs and keep the bike you love.

    If you want practicality - that is what cars are for.
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