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dilemma of dressing on and off bikes (office people)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alwayseric, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. i got a job in the city recently, started last week. it is an office-based role, the company on market street.

    initially i had two questions. apart from this one, i also wanted to know where i can safely park my bike for 8-10hours. but i found a spot last week (about 100bikes and scooters parked there, forget the address but reasonablly quite close to my office)

    now i really want to hear from your guys who work in the offices where you have to formal shirts/trousers almost everyday. as a new P plater, i dont want to take risk and still want to put on my cheap ugly fabric moto jacket and kelva jeans commuting between city and my home.

    wat can i do? leave shirts and pants in the office and change when i get there? or carry a shirt and a pant with me everyday? or bite the bullet?

    any experience anyone coudl share with me? please. thanks.

  2. I wear overpants over my trousers and a shirt etc, so when I get to the office I just loose the pants and put my jacket on and I am good to go. I have shoes in my office as well. I have a personal office which makes it easier, but all I have to hang up is my bike jacket.
  3. I'll be watching this thread becuase I will be in the same situation.
    Luckily I have showers etc at work BUT I dont really want to do that every day if I can help it because it would take up too much time.
  4. I leave shoes at work and wear kevlar jeans over my pants and a jacket over my shirt. If you are worried about looking sharp (ie you work in finance or law) why not leave a sports coat at work with the shoes? It'll cover up any crumples on your shirt. If you don't want to go that far just throw on a tie.

    Not an issue for me, in my work wearing clean dress shoes rather than hiking boots or sneakers is enough to compensate for any crumpled look.
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    I leave work pants, shoes and a couple of ties at work. I ride in wearing Kevlar jeans/boots/bike jacket and a work shirt. I then change when I get there. I tried the textile pants over work pants but found they creased them too much. On days I need a suit, I drive.
  6. I used to leave stuff at work - even if you dont have a personal office, surely there is a credenza or drawer somewhere you can throw some stuff in, few days supply of clothes etc.
    Now i work in industry its actually harder - i have to carry my hard hat, life jacket, cameras, binoculars, few other odds and ends. Fortunately ive just managed to secure a locking cupboard at work so i can leave the shit in there when home and the bike gear in there when at work. I dont gotta worry about creases anymore though.
  7. +1 to leaving shoes at work - I'm pretty lucky though, and get away with my Motolegion jeans and a business shirt...
  8. This is why I bought the scooter to commute to work on, it's got loads of carry space. Shoes, Shirts, Jacket, Pants all fold neatly under the seat.

    The scooter is boring compared to the bike but it's lots more practical for an office job.
  9. I'm lucky enough to have a locker at work, so I generally keep an uncreaseable skirt or pants there, plus shoes. I wear my Draggins, boots, jacket, and (if I'm going to wear one) whatever under tshirt or skivvie I plan to wear all day. In my backpack, along with my Kindle, I carry my overshirt, also non-creasing, and stockings. I'll generally wear the skirt or pants for the week, and take them home on Friday. The shoes stay at work permanantly; I have an identical pair at home.

    I shower before I leave home, so I don't need to do that at work. I start early, so I don't expect to ever get hot enough to have to shower at work, but I keep a towel, spare knickers and toilet bag there just in case.
  10. i would just squid.

    But instead i get the bus.
  11. Draggins black chinos, leave shoes at work and my jackets don't make my shirts too wrinkled.
  12. I've got a Ventura rack and pack and just bring everything in that each day.
    It's got plenty of room too for those great Melbourne days when the morning weather is freezing, but the arvo is hot, so i can bring thermals and even both sets of gloves if needed.
  13. I bring my shoes to work and wear whatever underneath my bike gear, that would be a challenge once it hits high temperatures of say 30. However I also have a Suzuki Across, so plenty of boot space for whatever extras I need. Get a ventura rack and maybe a waterproof bag?
  14. Shoes and spare work jacket kept at work.
    Bike pants over the work pants, and bike jacket over the top. If I'm wearing a suitdress I hitch it up around my waist and when I get to my desk I can do a sneaky upzip and pull off. I'm sure it looks amusing for anyone who sees me walking to my desk bike boots, jeans and a jacket, to emerge a minute later with a suit dress and office shoes on the way to the bathroom to fix my hair and do my makeup.
  15. shoes under desk, water resistent overpants and textile jacket and gently fold your jacket in half and put it in your backback.

    Jacket doesn't crease and I already have my pants, shirt and tie on. Works a treat. Tried the changing in and out of kevlar jeans but found a pair of dainese pants that fit over my suit pants and it cuts the hassle in half.
  16. Shoes at work under the desk, or in my bag on the back of the bike. I wear trousers and shirt, and put the jacket over the top. In Geraldton it is rarely cold enough to need a jacket (like 3 days a year). I don't actually own any special riding pants.

    I have asked management for a locker to keep clothes/gear in and got a blank look. I don't think they understood at all why I was asking.
  17. Work shoes, workpants & a few bits & pieces (spare socks, a cologne etc) in the locker at work.

    Depending on the shirt (some are pure cotton so wrinkle easily & some are polyster etc), I either take them in the man-bag (along with rain wear) or wear them under the bike jacket. Take bike shoes off, keep them under the desk and change into work shoes.
  18. Great topic i just got a job in the city too thinking of riding instead of public transport.
  19. Ditto - has worked for me for past decade, including briefcase in ventura bag.
    Spare garbage bag inside Ventura bag for winter.