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Digital TV Set Top Box

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Well I decided to buy a Set Top Box so I can take advantage of the extra channels and camera angles that are supposed to be available on the commercial Free to Air TV.

    The cost of the boxes have finally come down to around $100 for the Standard Definition boxes (why buy a High Def box if you have a "normal" TV). The installation was way to easy, in fact I was waiting for it to bite me in the bum but it never happened as I've read some horror stories about the early days of STB installing.

    Now all I have to do is wait for the telecasts to start.

    Oh, and the real reason I brought the box was there is a series of programs on ABC Digital 2 this week with stuff like the Tasman series and things like that and the only way to watch it was to get a STB :wink:

    The reason for posting this was to ask what those of you with STB's have encountered with digital TV and the sort of things I can look forward to.
  2. A STD def set top box should be providing you with superior picture and sound already, even on a normal television..
  3. how good is the signal if you have a crappy aerial?
  4. I have a REALLY crappy aerial, smee, and it's still terrific; I've had a standard def stb for over a year now.

    At work at Samsung we used to run a std def box into an LCD tv (for the cricket, of course) off an old high-frequency two-way aerial on the roof!
  5. I have heard of some top boxes that record the show and automaticaly cut out the comercials!!

    does any one know which makes/models and costs??
  6. THAT'S the holy grail; I don't know of anything available like that yet, I don't think the commercial interests would be too keen on allowing Samsung and Panasonic et al to produce such a beast.....
  7. If you have a crappy aerial you will get a great signal with Digital. I have a standard set top box for my 42" LG Plasma and a High Def LG box for the 50" Plasma and they are both fantastic.

    About a year ago they had all sorts of problems with sound being delayed by about a second, but all that seems to be fixed now. Just remember that Digital signal is about 3 seconds behind analog.

    Also I think JB Hi-Fi has set top boxes as low as $70 now.
  8. I bought a SD set top box with a 120 GB HD built in.

    The best thing I ever did.

    It has a twin tuner so you can watch 1 channel and record another.

    Absolutely Brilliant

    Brand Orpentel JB HIFI approx $300
  9. Digital set top boxes are fantastic!

    On an analog transmission, we have very poor picture quality - snow and ghosting on all channels.

    With SD Digital set bop box in place, every channel (except 31 who don't broadcast using digital yet) has a PERFECT picture, and of course superior sound.

    All of our TV sound goes through the receiver and 5.1 speakers - so digital pro logic and dolby digital programs sound fantastic.

    Add to that, a few extra channels (I really like ABC2, and ABC digital Jazz), aspect ratio flicking depending on transmission, guide channels, event information, etc etc etc and Digital TV is the way to go!

    I'm using an entry level Teac SD set top box which was only just over $100, and it's great.

    HIGHLY recommended!
  10. excellent
    might take advantage of some sales
    got a normal tv so standard stb may be all thats required.

    Gonna hold out for a widescreen till they make built in digital tuners the norm rather than an expensive exception.
  11. I don't know if you have Bing Lee down there but they are advertsing a DGTEC Standard Def box with a 24 month warranty for only $149....
  12. we have foxtel on the theatre screen but on the 50inch plasma i have a HD set top box and luv it.
    Even if you have a normal tv go the HD set top box.
  13. What is this TV you people speak about?

    I have this BIG mofo CRT that shows me the news but then it turns off *shrug*
  14. woo hoo digital crap instead of analogue crap , its all still shyte :grin: :grin:
  15. seen em for $70 at some places.
  16. With Digital, it either works perfectly or it doesn't work at all. You need approx. 60% signal strength (roughly 13d8) for it to work. Since it's digital, there's no such thing as snow, shadowing, etc.

    I have a Digi TV card in my PC, and love it :) Timer record shows to PC (and later burn to DVD if want to keep), etc. High Definition too, for only a little more than standard def. set top boxes :) http://www.ultraview.com.au/dvbt.htm for anyone interested in Digital TV cards for your PC
  17. They already make them, a good friend is the manager of a JB Hi-Fi store in the city, and he has advised me to aviod getting one in-built because if you have problems then the whole TV could be stuffed, I guess he is saying you have more too loose.
  18. Hence why I'll wait till they get it right.
    They haven't even worked out the right standard as yet when it comes to digital.
  19. Also, with technolgy changing all the time it would be a lot cheaper to change the set top box than the whole TV, so I doubt that I would ever get one in-built unless thats all they available in the future.