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Digital Tacho for VTR250?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MR_PEA, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. i just got my VTR250 and was thinking of putting in a tacho...

    dose any one know where i can get one..

    im also looking at a maybe building a home made jobbie..

    any ideas?

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  3. I was thinking about the Shift-I LED tacho/shiftlight for my VTR250, not long after I got the bike... By the time I had saved the pennies to buy it, I had decided that I didn't really need a tacho afterall.
  4. Be a lot cheaper to grab one from a '03+ model at a wreckers, I would have thought. Not really much point spending close to $200 on a bike you're not going to have for all that long.
  5. IMO Buy a shift-I, because they just work with no fuss.

    It looks OEM and trick, is very accurate and not all that expensive. The bonus is u can re-use it on as many other bikes as you like later on (so ur not wasting your $ in the short term.

    If you ask them they will even give you advice on how it set it up/ install. Bought one for my CBR250R racebike and it's the best bit of kit ever for getting the most out of my bike.
  6. Hi,
    First post!

    These Shift-I things look pretty good. I have an 03 VTR250 it has a factory tacho but I think a shift light would be a little handy. Ive checked the manual but I'm not sure if I would need to disconnect the factory dial tacho.

    Any ideas?

  7. Mitch, Yeah no need to disconnect anything, it just connects to your orginal wiring. Follow the basic instructions and you'll be done. If unsure give them a call.

    They are not just a shift light, but a progressive tacho that you can set to your bikes own power curve characterisics, where it begins and ends. This ensures you never over rev ur bike and always know if you are in the power. I could not believe how much extra I got out of my little bike at the track, I didn't bog it down in the revs once :grin:

  8. +1.

    Mega handy on the track and dont need to disconnect current speedo, just 3 wires, ground, ignition and tacho (ie. coil for carby). When you buy it they will give you colour coded guide of wiring for your specific bike. Mine was dead right.
  9. Yea I kinda wanted one at first, but after a while of riding the bike, you just know when to shift...they certainly look pretty nice though.
  10. Why bother spending money on it.
  11. Well Ive ordered one!

    Thanks for your replies. Looks like a good tinker toy.

  12. Its not a disposable item, just take it off when selling and put it on the new bike :grin: