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Digital Tacho and more

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by cruiser_bloke, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all. Firstly I am not sure if this thread is in the right area but I am sure the Mods will move it if not.

    I am in the process of designing a digital tacho for my M90. I am hoping to make it suitable for many other models. I am also going to incorporate a gear Position Indicator and an ATRE. It will also have indicators and an over rev warning (will kick in 200rpm below red line).

    I would like a to know if anyone would be interested. I know there are few models out there that don't have a tacho so there should be some interest.

    Things I need to know if you would be interested (no guarantee it will go ahead) is:

    Model -
    Redline -
    Does it have a Gear Position Switch that output a voltage -
    Is the timing electronically retarded in any gears -

    There are probably more details I need to know but nothing pops into mind.

    If you would like to have a look at the "rough" 3D model here is a link. Please ignore the prices.....they have gone up due to setup charges. Once I have an idea of how many I am looking at I will be able to put up a more solid pricing but at the moment I think it will be around $150ish.


    Hope you like the look of it.
  2. Hi [MENTION=24459]cruiser_bloke[/MENTION] We did something like this for friend's Fireblade a few years ago. It was a replacement for the full instrument cluster and flasher can. The horn button became the enter button. The blinkers scroll left and right. But only when the sidestand was down. So sidestand down entry mode, sidestand up all the buttons performed as normal and display dropped back to Road Mode.

    There was one other mode, track mode which replaced a lot of the display with Laptime, Best Lap time, Average Speed, Top speed etc. The horn button became the lap complete button in that mode.

    The project was fairly successful, the things we had problems with were voltage drops during cranking causing some corruption of memory but other than that it was OK. We based it on a Motorola 68HC11 processor. Probably not my choice nowdays but it was a good little microprocessor for the time.

    The Tacho and speedo aspect we did by highbrightness LEDs coloured in bands going red above redline. Other information was shown on a Vacuum Flourescent Display, the best Sunlight readable display we could find at the time. It showed Speed, Oil Warnings, Blinker Status, Battery Voltage
    Screenshot-QCad - [-home-userscommonfiles-DenversBike-DIC-vfdtest.dxf].

    Interested to hear how your project goes, Display options are far more varied now days and cheap processing capability is available off the shelf. I am not sure how we would tackle it if repeating the project today.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I was not expecting mine to be as elaborate and complex as your but it does sound like a good unit. I like the idea of using the horn and indicator switches as input devices. Do you mind if I plagerise that for mine? Might mean a small delay in the design. Might have to do a rev2.

    I am a little disappointed at the number of replies but I suppose most modern bikes already have tachos.

    I also noticed you are in Greensborough....I was born and rasied there.
  4. No worries, quite happy if you use it as an idea. In our case we didn't have a lot of option, the bike had crashed and was being converted to a streetfighter the instrument panel was in ruin.

    Yep, and as Takamaii has posted there are aftermarket suppliers. At times though something you do yourself is more satisfying. In our case there was nothing on the market as sophisticated.

    A version 2 now days our current thinking would probably be Bluetooth sender from the bike and a smart phone as the display with an App running on it.

    We are down near the river in Apollo parkways. Nice spot.
  5. @Takamii. The prices for all those things are astronomical. I am trying to make something a bit more affordable to tight arses like myself. Also I like to tinker with this sort of thing.

    @cjvfr. I used to live up near Watsonia High School. I was over that way today.
  6. Have you looked at Veypor? I've got one on my GS500 and it's excellent... Does RPM/Speed has a shift light, can time 0-400m runs/100-0kmph braking, is quite visible during the day too. Not sure if it would suit a cruiser though
  7. Just saying, this might be because the pictures are buried in a link and then halfway down a page and THEN you have to sign up to that forum to be able to view them.

    Might i suggest just putting them directly on here? People have short attention spans and need to see pictures :)
  8. Good point.

    Here you go. Picture it chromed and with coloured lenses as appropriate. Size is 95mm x 50mm x 25mm + the brackets on the back.

    Attached Files: