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digital speedo

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jazzthechef, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. i want to put a digital speedo on my 91 spada and was wondering if there are any legal issues. i will most likely leave the original there just add the digital. Thanks

  2. Only issue I can see would be if it largely understates your speed :p
  3. Completely legal, but analogue speedos are heaps better.
  4. how did you come to that conclusion? :?
  5. Flickering digits just don't do it for me.
  6. ah righto, yeah i gotta say i use to think that, before owning a digital, i am in two minds now though, sure i agree the anaglog is nice for a quick glance, to get a rough idea, though with all the cameras around now it's nice to have a quick glance down and know exactly what speed you were doing, instead of a thereabouts figure.
  7. Best you get a GPS then, coz your digital speedo will only be as accurate as it's settings, just like the factory one(crap, in most cases).
  8. thanks heaps peoples for your help any idea of priceing or how to install?
  9. Yep...Around $200, and the price is coming down. Only needs power and come with the added bonus of mapping. It's called a GPS. :cool:
  10. http://www.ram-mount.com.au/
  11. A cheap alternative is a cycle computer. For example, I have the Sigma Sport BC1606L. Heaps of trip computer functions and good to 200 klicks.

    Costing around $45 it's relatively easy to install, and if calibrated correctly it's accurate as anything out there.

    Check out www.sigmasport.com for some of the available cycle computers.
  12. dont be put off when people say digital gauges are harder to read. you hear that all the time with all kinds of automotive gauges. some people have brains which work a little....ahem slower...but others can glance down and the image will register and remain in your visual memory
  13. the bold bit makes the first bit entirely legal. The new speedometer is no different to adding a sticker in that regard.

    I believe that many new 'analogue' speedos are actually digital as well. Gearbox ppm sensor and a servo motor or step output coil on the needle.
  14. what about if i just have the digital and give the analoge the ass? Anyone know of any shops near melb i can go look at? or price of install?
  15. checkout some acewell gauges or trailtech ones

    they are all awesome :) but a tad pricey
  16. Thats where you're better off with an aftermarket one. At least you can adjust the wheel circ. to make it read accurately, unlike the stocker. Unless you own a KTM :p :p
  17. My only real gripes with digital speedo displays are that they take a (brief) moment to refresh. Easy to track the sweep of an analog speedo's needle up to 100kph under hard acceleration and stop it right on the dot. Hard to track the "sweep" of a digital speedo as it shoots up; "10, 36, 52, 74, 91..."

    On the plus side, three huge digits makes a bit more sense than trying to cram a small dial with 'ticks' for 0-to-320+kph. :p
  18. I was of this mind as well. When I got the Blackbird it was the model with the analog speedo and tacho. I thought that this would be a better display.

    Then I installed the cycle computer and calibrated to the GPS on a flat 4km road. So it's spot on.

    The CC does what you say - slow updates or rather stepped updates. But a quick glance tells you exactly what speed that you're doing at that point and is easier to read than the BB's analog speedo with its 32 increments.

    It too is electronic and like all Honda speedos is out by ten kays or so (the error gets higher the faster you go). But as for accelerating and trying to target your final speed using the speedo to me sounds a bit risky. I'd rather watch where I'm going and glance down at the speedo when I think that I'm near my target speed.

    As for the CC's update frequency, I was considering putting a second sensor in parallel with the existing one and a 2nd magnet 180 degs apart from the other one then have the wheel size. See if that'd update quicker. Dunno if the CC's processor can handle it. But if I have time and I can find my old CC that this one replaced I might try it.
  19. i have a basic acewell on my mito 410cc, its cool i feel like night rider..pros are easy to read easy to install and calibrate takes up less room and great for a project bike where u had no speedo to start off with..
    the cons are, like mentioned b4 big jumps in speed flicks 20kms then 45kms etc..especially if ur bike excellerates faster then it can keep up...maybe not a prob for a spada..lol just jokes..
    also speedo is acurate but tacho not..again this may not be an issue for u...but for me it is..it also only goes up to about 9 0r 10 tho rpm..also once disconnected u will lose info such as over all kms traveled the setting how ever will stay u can get better modles which will give fuel and oil and indicator lights as well..i was going to use a bycicle one.. but they i could not find one with a constant back light
  20. +1

    My first experience with digital instrument lag was skydiving with one of the early digital altimeters. I knew treachery was afoot with the two people I was in freefall with broke off and deployed when my left hand was showing over 3,500 feet… I looked down, said "ohshit" and deployed at what was likely closer to 2,200.

    Ever since then, I've stuck with needles and dials

    :LOL: :LOL: