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Digital Rego Plates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grange, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Whilst the following story is from california, and only mentions cars so far, would this be a good idea to have also on bikes, say, to tell that car following to close to back off, e.t.c.
    Or is it just another one of those things where governments are taking over....


    LOS ANGELES: California is considering using digital car number plates, which would switch to advertisements when vehicles are stuck in traffic, as a way to raise money to tackle its $US19 billion ($21.6 billion) budget deficit.

    The electronic plates would look like standard plates when the car was in motion.

    But when a car has stopped for more than four seconds, in a jam or at a red light, scrolling advertisements would be displayed to people sitting in the vehicles behind. Advertisers would buy space from the state's Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Drivers would also be able to have their plates show personal messages, such as the name of their favourite sports team.

    Obscene messages would not be allowed and a section of the plate would continue to show the registration number at all times.

    In emergencies the plates could also be used to display public service announcements such as missing children alerts or traffic information.

    A state senator, Curren Price, said California wanted to be the first to introduce the technology. A bill being considered by state politicians would allow for safety tests before its introduction.

    Senator Price said: ''We're just trying to find creative ways of generating additional revenues. It's an exciting marriage of technology with need, and an opportunity to keep California in the forefront.''

    A company called Smart Plate in San Francisco is developing the plates and sees them as an outlet for advertisers and drivers.

    The company's chief executive, Conrad Jordan, said: ''The idea is … to create a platform for motorists to show their support for existing good working organisations.''
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  2. "HAY GUISE, let's spend money we don't have to make money!"
  3. Oh, and I can't wait until they get hacked so we can change our plate numbers before doing bad things.
  4. Did think along those lines, didn't want to promote it though:LOL:
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  5. so does the owner get a cut of the profits/reduced rego fees? I mean they are the ones that are providing the medium for the advertiser :D
  6. The big issue I see is companies wanting preferential treatment regarding rego / fines etc because the contribute money to the cities slush fund through these ads.

    Then again it would be just a matter of time until someone cracks the unit it and stops the ad from displaying
  7. Good idea on paper, but it wont work.
  8. I don't even think it's a good idea on paper. They'd feed off of the battery, they'd cause even more distraction (which is the last thing the assholes out there need), they'd be hacked, they'd result in more corruption, etc etc.
  9. But, in a perfect world...

    .. they'd be unnecessary.
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    People keep trying to pull money out of everything! Capitalism is getting out of hand when you see advertisements everywhere you go, and have to sort through 2kgs of junkmail in the postbox every mornining to get your letters...

    Look how advertisements are invading the world everywhere. You cant watch a video on most websites without having to look at 20sec's of adverts first.
    Youtube has annoying banners everywhere aswell. Even netrider is cramming more ads in.
    People will find more and more places to cram adverts in until we wont have many quiet non commerical spaces left.
    It wont be long till something like this comes out.. and people WILL buy it coz it will be cheaper than the usual...
  11. Yep, I can see this happening:

    And it was pretty easy to do... so I hear. 8-[

    Honestly, the last thing I want to do is to try and focus on the rego plate of a car in front rather than keep aware of my surroundings.
    Witty personalised number plates are enough, have a giggle and get over it is more appropriate than staring at the arse end of a car like it was a well equipped woman. (or brad pitt for the women :grin: )
  12. Everyday for years I would buy the daily telegraph at smoko, now I don't bother as every page u open has atleast half page of adverts
  13. Try and get of the grid or limit your interaction with it

    I am not surgically attached to my mobile phone -- its just a device that lets people know I am not at home

    I do not watch TV

    I do not buy the latest gadgets

    I boycott places like Harvey Norman as their adverts impede on my quality of life

    etc etc etc
  14. Oh, groan. And of course theres never a reason to see a number plate if a vehicle is stationary is there ? [-(