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Digital (LCD) Instruments

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Yes, love 'em

  2. Can live with LCD speedo but not tacho

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  3. Not bothered by tacho but need analogue speedo

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  4. Bike must have all analogue instruments

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  5. Don't care as long as they work

  1. The thread on the Z750 got me wondering about the use of LCD speedos/tachos on bikes. Personally I hate them and always suspected that they're only used by manufacturers because they're cheaper to to manufacture (but a lot more expensive to fix/replace). I just wonder if they're going to be a short lived trend or if there's enough people out there okay with them that manufacturers will keep using them.

  2. i want one like rossi'
  3. What does that look like?
  4. I don't mind the speedo read out being lcd, kinda good actually. As long as the contrast is decent, I find it easier to read at a glance.

    Tacho though? lcd just plain sucks... too much happening with rev changes to pick it up with an lcd display.

    Analogue tacho all the way. :grin:
  5. Heya, my 2 cents.

    I bought a ZX6R a last year and hated the LCD tacho & speedo. It was just so hard to read at a glance. I got used to it tho, so much so I sold the bike after only having it 4 months.

    I don't mind the big digital speedo & analogue tacho that's really nice.

    My VFR is all analogue except for the gimpy LCD fuel guage and I like that too.

    I am sure I wouldn't go back to the Kawa all in one dash like the ZX6R again tho, just too hard to read.

  6. I really must say that I love the new Kwaka type of instrument cluster.

  7. My SP1 had LCD everything.

    Loved the way it looked, as for reading it, ppfttt, my ears were "reading" the tacho and if I got it wrong then the limiter would let me know ;)

    That still remains the best instrumentation panel have have seen. 2nd prize would go to the ZX10
  8. That's cool and all Vic, but it's not a great excuse to use with Mr plod :LOL:
  9. I ment the tacho :p

    The Speedo is large enough to read at a glance.
  10. I hate 'em but I voted for 'can live with digital speedo but not the tacho'... because I suppose I can, even though I prefer simple dials all the way. The thing about reading dials is, you usually don't need an exact figure, you only need to scan the display to get the rough reading. For that, dials are superior - that's not my opinion, that's result of research done on these things. But with bloody speed limits and cameras, I can see the point of having a very exact read out for speed, because you do have to read it down to the last km/hr sometimes... assuming of course speedo is accurate, which of course it isn't!

    Anyway, in conclusion, the only reasons for making digital display are misplaced trendiness, and as menitoned above, lower cost of manufacture. But there are encouraging signs that we might yet beat the scourge of digital displays!
  11. 1. you're not qualified to comment if you haven't owned a lcd equipped bike. particularly if all you've ridden is a 250 designed in the 70s. :roll:

    2. having owned both i prefer the lcd 10 fold.
  12. And on top of that you have people changing sproket sizes and different tyre sizes/wear. So really speedos are just a big joke. :)
  13. I had a quick spin on a mates Hyo GT250R and got used to the digital spedo prety quick, the thing that I realy didn't like on it was the endicator lights being in the LCD Display. You couldn't tell that they were working without conciosly looking for them.
  14. I don't mind the digital speedo on my bird, but the one thing I've noticed is the number changing in the corner of my eye gets my attention in a similar way as the indicator on my old bike. So periodically I'm checking my dash with the feeling I've left the indicator on, but it's just the speedo changing number.

    Weird I know, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

  15. i can't see the speedo ever really being an issue, but aside from functionality... watching an lcd tacho go through numbers ridiculously fast is preeeeeeetty pointless. it's all just suggestive numbers anyways. how often have you got a speeding fine, challenged it, and had to pay it because oh no!!! your speedo, and the camera's, were both calibrated to 100% accuracy.... fkn never... if it sounds like it's revving too high, it probably is. if it feels like you're going too fast, you probably are.
  16. Interesting question. I personally don't like a digital speedo, but don't mind a digital tacho. With the introduction of digital 'glass cockpits' in aircraft, a lot of research has been done on how people react to 'virtual' instruments. In essence it seems that pilots don't react well to digital flight instruments, but are ok with digital engine instruments, maybe there is a correlation there with my acceptance of digital tacho's more than speedos.
  17. I'm just happy to have a tacho! (the vtr didn't have one .......)

    Don't mind the digital speedo - seems to be more accurate. Except that I really don't know just what the bike is capable of ........ at least with analogue it gave you a clue - or was it more of a dare :? Guess I'll just have to do a track day to find out :)
  18. I hate digital instruments. Part of my choosing my bike is the condition that the instruments are analouge. Aside from my being a luddite I find them shit to read and prefer to see a needle relative to a specific point rather than actually reading the display. It's just easier that way for me. :)
  19. I think that's a common misconception. Really the mechanism itself is usually no different, the only thing that changes is the display. So what you get is simply an accurate display of an innacurate speed.
  20. My first and worst experience with LCD instrumentation was on a 2004 ZX6R and it was shocking! It was on an overcast day and apparently they're easier to read when not in direct sunlight... well i couldnt read it and it certainly wasnt as quick and easy as an analogue setup.
    Subsequent outings on bikes with digital speedo's i didn't mind at all (K6 GSXR750, CBR954, '06 CBR1000RR, '03 R1), as all had a decent refresh speed and were easy enough to read at a glance. Most of the time i just read the first number anyway. :LOL: My only criticism of them is that i find i spend more time looking at my speed compared to an analogue speedo. On my FZR1000's analogue setup as long as the needles are pointing in about the right spot i don't pay any more attention to them.