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Digital Channels not working Help Needed

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ajc_082, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I have had a digital settop box for a few years now, my current one is less than 12 months old and I have always been able to get all channels. In the last fortnight my abc channels bring up "service scrambled" "no signal" when i select them. I re-programmed the channels and now I have no ABC channels at all (working or not). Can anyone suggest why this might be?? Could it be my aerial?
    I thought they might have changed the frequencies or something with the new free to air rollout of extra channels.

  2. Thats funny because we lost all the ABC channels through our digital set box about 2 weeks ago. It'l be interesting to see if anyone does have a solution to this coz all the other channels work fine.
  3. What model STB is it?

    Other than checking antenna connections all I can suggest is that you initiate a re-scan of the services. See if it picks them up. Otherwise, it may be a bung receiver.

    Some of the cheaper models are susceptible to component failure, specifically capacitors in the power supply. this can be confirmed by unplugging it, opening it up and if they look bulged or have brown gunk oozing from any of them, then they need replacing.
  4. Interesting youngmossy, as that sounds about the same time as mine went out, which is why I thought its because of the new programming you need a box with that "special sticker".
    Its a teac box that I have at the moment. All other channels including sbs work Perfectly. As I said, I have re-scanned (re-programmed) the channels and now it doesn't pick ABC up at all.

    I know about the cheap electronics in boxes, I have had a few cheapo boxes this being my 4th and know they don't tend to last long. Would there be a component that fails to stop it from picking up abc??
  5. Presumably you're refering to "Freeview". If so, don't worry, they won't be changing the standards. There are far too many STBs, PVRs and televisions out there now that would stop working. Besides, the broadcasting standards is government regulated. It would need a change in legislation to achieve that. And even then it'd be a long changeover process, much like analog to digital, which by the way was supposed to have fully occured last year, going by the original time table set down in 2000.

    Dunno. I had problems with my PVR that stemmed from failed caps in its power supply. $6 and half an hour later it was working fine.

    I'd probably take the opportunity to purchase a new PVR.

    But if you can pick up some stations but not all then that, to me, seems like an antenna problem. If ABC was having transmission issues then everyone would be affected. That would have made the news if this was the case.

    Best to borrow a known working STB or PVR and connect it to your antenna. It will rule it out as a cause if the borrowed PVR works.
  6. Excellent idea.

    Another idea is to switch off and unplug your stb and go analogue for a day or two and then go back, it might sound stupid but I have seen it work many times(I used to sell them for a living).
  7. Thanks guys, will try above suggestions, and failing that will get a new box.
  8. My ABC channels have also been AWOL, however they returned yesterday afternoon. Try a rescan as they must have been off air.
  9. Well I just tried re-scanning for the ABC channels but still picking up nothing. Its interesting to know that theres a few people experiencing the same thing. Guess il get my mate to have a look at it (who i bought it off/installed it) and hopefully get it sorted. If I figure out what the problem i i'll let u guys know.
  10. What sort of aerial do you have?
  11. Id be leaning 99% towards the fact that its a Teac box. That right there would be the problem.

    It could be an antenna alignment problem but if it went from fine one day to gone the next then I doubt it.

    Easy thing to try is to bring up the signal strength indicator built in to the box (will probably be in the menu somewhere) and check what the signal strength for each channel is. If they are all down quite low (lower than say 60%) then antenna will be the problem. If they are all quite high and strong then you have a dud box.
  12. As I said above Im aware of the nastiness of cheap boxes such as Teac, however can't see the point in paying $600 for a hd box when I don't have a HD tv.

    Just did a re-scan and ...... Abc is back :)

    Must have gone on holidays for a fortnight.

    Appreciate the help guys.