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digital cameras

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Guys,

    Have been meaning to get a digital camera for a while, but just haven't gotten around to it.

    I am hoping you guys have some suggestions on which kind?

    I am wanting something very compact, but good quality pics. 3megapizzas is fine...

    I'm looking at the up to $300 range

    Just wanting to have it so i can take it on rides and just in general take photos of my bike :)

    cheers :)
  2. If you can wait... wait till june/july for stocktake sale. The year before last is when i got my camera, it was priced at $300 but at stocktake i got it for $180.

    (now its probably worth $90 if new :LOL:)

    other than that... go for as many mega pixles as you can? pixles = better quality pics.
    thats all i got heh
  3. Hey Spongesam,

    I know your budget was $300, but just whilst where on topic of digital camera let you know a mate has a Luminux or Lumux digitial has I thinnk 12 times optical zoom. Went for a ride the other week and couldn't believe the zoom on this little camera, although it did cost approx $600

    Here are some pic taken with it.

    This photo below shows camera man is just in front of the CBR, and if you look really hard past the round about and toward top of the hill there is a car coming down, well just to the right of that as looking at photo you will see two dots.
    http://pender.com.au/Ride Natural Arch 0206/pages/P1000482.JPG.jpg.html

    This one is only a little closer
    http://pender.com.au/Ride Natural Arch 0206/pages/P1000483.JPG.jpg.html

    Abit more zoom
    http://pender.com.au/Ride Natural Arch 0206/pages/P1000484.JPG.jpg.html

    And man that to me seems to be some zoom.
    http://pender.com.au/Ride Natural Arch 0206/pages/P1000484.JPG.jpg.html

    oh if you look at some of the photos, it is of Natural Arch (also know as Natural Bridge) in the Gold Coast hinterland down from Mt Tambourine.
  4. that is impressive zoom

    but is that camera COMPACT...

    preferably with an internal zoom lens... i don't like the ones that zoom out and poke out really far... or poke out at all
  5. Yes and no.

    More megapixels = bigger pictures for enlargements not necessarily better quality.
    It's all about the glass.
    the better the lens optically the better the quality.
    Case in point.
    Digital slr with 6.3 mp vs fuji 10mp.
    The slr digital due to the better lenses and less "inhouse" processing produces better quality pictures than compact digital cameras.
    If you want a decent compact digital camera make sure the zoom factor is "optical" zoom not "digital" zoom.
  6. i like the fuji z1...

    it's starting to be outdated... i think it's 5 megapizzas...

    internal optical zoom

    delivered for $310 using ebay... might go for that :)