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Digital air hoses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hyssy, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. I have a particular service station that I like to go to as the air hose is one of the manual ones. But since moving to Homebush I haven't seen them here (though I have to admit I haven't looked particularly hard). All the new Caltex/Shell etc have the digital read out air pumps.

    How much would you trust something like that? Given that you set it and it cuts off itself. For a car I have no issues using them but on my bike, hmm, call it fear of the unknown.

    Would you (do you) use them?
  2. Get your own pressure gauge. To be honest though, a few psi off isn't the end of the world for around town riding. If they're round and black they'll do the trick. If you're getting stuck into it, or concerned about every last km you can get out of a set of tyres, then get the pressures spot on.
  3. I once checked one with my analogue pressure gauge when doing the tyres on my car. It was accurate. I prefer to use my own gauge and pump up tyres based upon that but IMO the service station ones can be trusted in general.

    *For any sticklers out there, I compared the analogue gauge to another similar analogue and a digital and they all read the same.*
  4. Nah I don't trust the digital ones at the servos that beep incessantly. I always double check with my own gauge.
  5. As already mentioned get your own tyre gauge. As to trusting the digital ones I would be more inclined to trust them than the older style mechanical ones. With the digital ones there isn't the issue of being knocked out of calibration by being dropped and run over.