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Diggers Military Motorcycle Club?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nobby, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Any members/ex members of the above lurking on here.. ??

  2. Who you looking for?
  3. service number or phone number ?
  4. trying to locate a Victorian Chapter
  5. Service Number, but I got it wrong anyway; it's 2800108 :facepalm:
  6. Where you a reserve?
  7. You got your service number wrong ! Lol drop and give me 50
    That's one thing you can never forget !
    Say it was predictive text malfunction hahaha
  8. I'm not a member of the diggers but I know a few guys who are. I'll ask round (F8) and see what I can find for you.

    Oh, service number was A325400, I'll never forget it. Although they no long have 'service numbers' they now have PM Keys numbers.
  9. That's easy for you to say; that was May 1972; I've lived more than half my life since then and forgotten more than I've remembered! :ROFLMAO:
  10. But that's not even close. I thought as you got older it was short term memory that was the first thing to go.
  11. He was showing off
    That's his bank balance
  12. I wish!!
  13. Ex Army here (RAE), I am also looking at the Diggers MC;
    I Know there is a chapter in Wagga, but don't know much about it.

    I have checked out the website, which appears to be very 'Harley/Cruiser' based.
    I don't know anyone in it, but am keen to hear a few opinions on it.

    here is a link to it's membership details:
  14. dobbo, I was tempted to join, but won't for the following reasons.

    1. I am a member (and president) of another club which by their ruels precludes me from joining the Diggers. Unless I leave the Redbacks and then I have to wait 3 months.

    2. Again by their rules my wife will not be welcome as she didn't serve her initial enlistment period.

    3. They are just a tad too anal retentive about rides and what thou shall and shall not wear for my liking.

    Oh, Digger Doc (I think he's the president of the Wagga Chapter) works just up the road from you, on the same side, at the blood suckers.

    By the way, Clenchy got another posting, Vic Barracks Shitney and is promoted to WO1.
  15. Cheers Mick,

    I see there is a bit of a strict criteria to meet.
    No Under 600cc (or Dirtbikes:(), no 'L' or 'P' platers, no females etc..
    I thought if you served your country, that'd be enough.
    not sure if it is a club that likes to ride, or a club that likes bikes???
    Anyway, will keep me options open, and still keen to hear other opinions.

    Regarding dirt bikes... I love em. and always get a laugh when I am on an adventure and pull up next to a roadie, they always ask where I've been... then I tell em... couple of thousand kms here and there, there faces always look stunned...:ROFLMAO:

    Starting to near that age... where the old boys club might accept me..:ROFLMAO:

    cya around
  16. Oi, you're always welcome to join my little band of merry men and ladies.
  17. your right, I've forgotten many numbers including PIN's but never my service number ..

    A321262 reporting sah!
  18. Another Victorian RAAFie. What mustering?