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Difficulty squeezing the clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Smokae, May 29, 2010.

  1. I have just purchased a 2000 CBR600F4.

    I have finished with my 1993 ZZR250.

    Now the kwaka's clutch is very easy and relatively effortless to engage, whereas the honda takes easily twice as much effort. Sure you don't have to change gears too often with this thing, 2nd gear i'm sitting at 80 with 6000rpm, but still it's rather concerning.

    Is it normal?

    EDIT: I fractured two metacarpals and I could still manage the clutch on the kwaka just fine, re; first reply post.
  2. com-grip-black.

    They're cable clutch I'm assuming. If the cable's old/kinked, or there is schmut in the lever mechanism, it can create a surprising amount of friction on it's own.

    I'd try oiling the cable and cleaning/lubing the mechanisms at each end and check for kinks. Then if it's still an issue maybe compare it to others of the vintage?
  3. Sounds a bit odd for a modern, well developed bike (see, I'm not being gratuitously rude about a Honda :grin:). I agree that maybe have a play with other CBR clutches (with permission or at a dealers) to compare them with yours. If yours is particularly bad, I'd guess a cactus cable is the most likely problem.
  4. Check that the bolt holding the gear lever isn't to tight for a start.
    Take the cable out and lube it and check if it's still tight. There should be a attachment above the clutch cover where the cable runs to, try moving it manually there.
    Should know then where it's a clutch issue or just the cable.
  5. Do you mean the round disc, connecting the cable near to the hinged part of the clutch lever?

    If so, it is more than finger tight. Can't budge it.

    I'll await your advice before I take a spanner to it.
  6. The round knob with the numbers on it is to change the distance from the lever to the handlebar.

    There should be a nut going through the unit if it's to tight it can cause issues.

  7. Check with a Honda dealer as to what type of cable you have.
    Some are not meant to be lubed.
  8. RE: Geeth. My kwaka has this dial, my Honda does not. I loosened the round serrated dial on the Honda, it looks like it's just part of what connects the cable to the lever.

    RE: Gzige, I will give them a call on Monday, thank you.
  9. The locking nut?

    How much free play do you have on the clutch?
  10. There is no free play, it requires the same amount of force to get it initially moving as it does through the entire squeezing movement.

    EDIT: Yes the locking nut is the only dial sort of thing on my CBR600F4 clutch lever
  11. yeah get it looked at if your not mecahnically minded any moto mechanic will just need to have a quick pull...... of the lever

    it could be how they are

    remember its a 600 not a 250 bigger clutch etc...

    that said i only use 2 fingers on my harley, but the clutch is really light... bad habits from riding dirtbikes though