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difficuld to de-baffel a 02 gpx exaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by OG, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. anyone know how hard it would be to de-baffle the gpx exaust
    i dont want to do a hole saw or drill job , can you like drill out the rivets if
    if anyone has any specific gpx info about this would be great
    there are any and like remove tha baffel and put it back together?

    i know this is not reccomended

    bty what would a replacement original pipe cost for when i need to get RWC to sell
  2. These are made of all welded steel pipes. There is no easy way to remove the baffle, you'll have to drill out the rivets and break or cut something.
  3. air powered die grinder and a few metal cutting discs.

    Its by no means a easy exhust to debbaffle.

    take the grinder and just grind out the whole inner metal circle on theend of the exhust. then proceed to slowly gind dont each consequetive baffle.

    U cant just pop the rivets out because the whole that u see is a pipe which is welded to 2 metal baffles on the inside of the exhust. So poping rivets will do nothing as it will still be joined to the baffles.

    If u do this and u live it NSW u will not void your mech inspections as they only check the stickers/engravings on your exhust to make sure its approved.

    I bet u dont have the balls to do that to your exhust and 02 GPX.

    If u want to save the end cap u cant cut the exhust debbfle with a grinder and weld the cap back on but then u will ruin your crome and no one wants that.