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Different model on RTA site...problem?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seth clan, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. If anyone can help ASAP that'd be much appreciated.

    I'm looking at a bike at the moment. It's advertised as "2007 GPX" and on the bike it says "GPX" and doing a search it seems to be a "GPX" but according to the RTA check I just did it states that it's a 2006 ZZR...would this post a problem?

    PS:- It looks like a GPX 07 model and apparently that's what it says on the registration papers.

  2. do the vin numbers match?
  3. Yes I checked with the owner's manual, the warranty book and the RTA and REVS and the bike ofcourse and all VIN/Chassis, Engine and Plate number matches.

    It's definitely a GPX it's manufactured 2006.

    Also wanted to ask, the first owner got it serviced @ 1000 k's but didn't get the book stamped, she only got it done the day that this seller bought it off her so didn't get the chance to get the book stamped, can I go to the place where it was serviced and get them to stamp the book seeing as there would be some sort of record that it was in fact serviced then?
  4. I think every service centre has a log of bikes (with rego no) and the details of the service. You can definitely try and contact them, saying you are the new owner and just want the service log stamped. I don't see a reason why they shouldn't. I went back to the service centre where my previous bike was serviced by the owner, and they gave me a full history of the servicing/fixing done on the bike. This was after I purchased the bike though.

    If the vin, rego etc matches, I would prefer giving RTA a buzz and asking them about it. Most probably they made a mistake listing the bike. Worst case scenario they would ask a proof of the vin number/engine number matching the RTA records.
  5. Thanks! My friend said this is pretty common eg. end of the year they sell it but it's the next year's model but they don't have 2007 yet in their system. RTA put his CRX as a Civic so :LOL: thanks for your help.
  6. Crx for a civic :| lol !!!!
    hope you enjoy your new ride...and ride safe :)