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Different chain cleaning thread, I promise.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gsxxer, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. This is mainly about cleaning the areas surrounding the chain. My chain slider, and front sprocket areas are filthy and lately I must have picked up a lot of sand/fine gravel from roadworks. Does anybody else spray degreaser all through the front sprocket area and over the chain and back wheel?

  2. I tend to remove the front sprocket, clean behind/around with whatever works (screwdriver/toothbrush _ a paint brush with the bristles trimmed down to about half an inch makes a great cleaning aid) and degrease the sprocket off the bike - this removes the chance of degreaser seeping behind the countershaft seal and playing merry hell with internals... It also gives you a chance to properly check both sides of the sprocket for damage/wear once clean...
  3. I'd be more inclined to use Kerosine.

    It'll clean the shit off, and not damage anything.
  4. I usually do but only the chain and sprocket. So much oil and dirt have flung everywhere now I really need to clean the whole area.

    Kero in the front sprocket area and then degrease everywhere else?
  5. kero for everything.
  6. heard degreaser is bad for the o-rings.
    I use a paint brush soaked in kero and just splash everywhere. Then brush off the dirt and crap, and spray it off with the garden hose.
  7. nail brush and kerom
  8. You're all doing it wrong.

    TOOTH-brush & kero. Er... an old one or someone elses, of course.

    Put the kero everywhere, clean clean & heavy deposits with the toothbrush, then wipe down with a clean rag, leave for mins or so, another wipe, then lube the chain.
  9. If you do, I'd take the chain off first. Also would probably use petrol but whatever suits you best. I normally just use kero sprayed from atomiser but I can't be bothered to remove the chain.
  10. I've got to disagree with you there MV. I did use a tooth brush once, but now I've got something thats much much better... Ill snap a pic of it when I get home, but its a small ish brush that fits in the palm of my hand. Works a million times better than the tooth brush.

    As for the chain guard and sprocket cover, I use kero and a rag. Seems to get the gunk pretty well.
  11. Feel free, most people do!

    I only use a toothbrush because there's always one around.

    Post up yours though, I could be persuaded to open my wallet & actually buy a brush!