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Differences in BMW bike dealers, VIC (bad) vs SA (great)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by winaje, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all. I recently was chasing information and pricing on a BMW System V helmet, at around $800, and the Bluetooth communication system that fits them. I rang Southbank BMW in Melbourne. Once they finally answered the phone after 3 tries, the guy there demonstrated an elitist superior attitude, barely deigning to provide the info I requested. When I asked him about the Bluetooth kit, I was told that they are no longer made (I already knew this, but also knew that they had be re-released overseas a month or so ago). When I mentioned this fact he told me that BMW will never be bringing them into the country again, under any circumstances whatsoever.
    So, I went to Moto-One in Oakleigh and bought the helmet there, and received a discount as well. Unfortunately Moto-One is no longer trading.

    As summer is approaching, and I need a dark tinted visor, I emailed Southbank BMW, but got no reply. EDIT: I did receive a reply, 2 working days after sending the email. (Southbank quoted me a "RRP" that was $16 higher than the "RRP" from Adelaide Motors.) I then rang Adelaide Motors, as they had received a good report a few times on this and a couple of other sites.

    I spoke to Bruce there, and asked for a price on the visor etc. He knew that I was not going to be buying a $30k bike, not even buying an $850 helmet. But he still took the time (16 minutes) to talk with me, give me a fair price on the visor, and provided me with the small amount of info he had about the re-released Bluetooth kit (unfortunately not imported by BMW).

    The short of it is that, in my experience, Southbank BMW did not provide good customer service, with an $800 purchase on the line. And Adelaide Motors showed old fashioned excellent service, even for a very small reward from a $130 purchase. If I ever buy a BMW, I'll fly to Adelaide to buy it from them.
  2. Just a heads up,

    The manager of the store has recently left and it is now in the hands of the old service manager .

    All enquiries should be now forwarded to Danielle Hoeymakers on (03) 9686 1999 or danielle.hoeymakers@bmwsouthbank.com.au.
  3. Thanks for the info Vic. Hopefully the change in management will bring about a change in their attitude as well.
  4. I think thats where the problems have stemmed from.

    They are in a transition period.

    Good luck though.
  5. As of when?
  6. I bought my helmet on 10/10/2008. There was a sign on the door saying "bike sales closed, workshop open". When I spoke to Tony he seemed to indicate that he had ceased trading. He did say that all bikes would be going back to the distributors. So whilst I am unable to categorically state an exact date, it appears that he has closed the doors, at least on the bike sales section.

    However, give him a call on 9568 0100 to check.
  7. Yeah, they ceased trading 2 weeks ago.

    moto one is know known as moto-none :p