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Differences between Canada and Australia re: Speeding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. When reading this article, it should be noted that there are NO fixed speed cameras in Canada. What a difference :shock:

    I love this comment:

    Hmmm... well not in Australia. :evil: It's also interesting to note that they mention keeping up with the traffic flow.

    Anyway, enjoy :)


  2. There was an article in the Courier Mail the other day about speeding, and a lot of comments from the general public. Someone seriously suggested fines starting at $1000 for 5 km/h over. Lots of suggestions for car crushing and jail terms too. Now there were sane and sensible posts as well, but there are enough loons out there who have soaked up all the 'speed kills' propaganda and believe it, and are holier-than-thou enough to basically be happy to burn speeders at the stake. And sadly, those are the people governments listen to - it's a vicious circle.
  3. That's why I encourage everyone to take up riding motorcycles.

    Because self-important people with an overdeveloped sense of law (rather than justice) are far more likely to sit behind cars at lights and get crushed by a Ford Territory.
  4. +1
  5. I did find that Canadian speed limits were set quite low and the speed differentials that were thus created was quite alarming.

    Mind you in the few years since I've driven in Canada NSW has continued it's trend in reducing limits in most instances, so there wouldn't be much difference these days.

    Except the limits are enforced here.
  6. In my experience in Sydney, the Police seem content to let the traffic flow. I can recall numerous times where a Police vehicle has been doing dead on 60km/h and all the traffic simply overtakes them doing between 65km/h-70km/h.

    A few weeks ago i rode straight into a Police radar with 6 other vehicles doing 80km/h (the speed limit) when the road had been downgraded to 60km/h due to road works (of which none were being done at the time). The Officer let us drive pass at 80km/h.

    Perhaps he was looking for someone doing 90km/h and then stinging them for 30 over?
  7. Dougz, doesn't the defacto limit then become the tolerance? So then you get a 60kmh zone and everyone travels at 70-75kmh.

    Camera's are the issue. They can make no distinction between someone driving/riding at 65kmh but safely, in traffic and causing no harm and someone weaving lock a complete cock at 59kmh and causing all sorts of carnage behind them. The tolerance you speak of in Canada is because they have to enforce the rules with real people.

    But....more cops means more people to critique your riding. And is that a good thing :shock: :p

  8. Not in Queensland! Last weekend a bunch of us followed a police bike (with maybe a 500m gap) us some nice windy road at about 80kph where the limit was 60kph. At the top, he blocked the road, lit up the lights and pulled us all over. Hi ended up just giving us a warning (my first ever - normally its a guaranteed ticket) and letting us go.
  9. there was a copper doing laser duties in a construction zone in the cbd the other day here in Adel. He had *all* the lights/strobes going and his high vis vest on. evidently He wasn't too keen on ambushing people.
  10. Just saw this in the paper. I think its fairly obvious why they love fixed speed cameras (or any speed cameras).

    Revenue Raising
  11. Chicken feed. The Victorian government has forecast in it's budget a gross speed penalty take of ten times that amount and by god, if it doesn't happen they will move the goalposts until it does! :evil:
  12. well im moving back to canada to get away from the fuzz. they're f_cked here
  13. I lived in Canada (Alberta) for almost 2 years. They DO have speed cameras there. However, the fine doesn't go on the driver's record -- it's almost like a parking ticket. You just pay it, and that's the end of it.

    And yeah, they do have tolerances of ~5-10km over, but their speed limits are also incredibly low. I'd imagine the low limits have to do with their shitty weather & the effect of that on its roads in colder months.

    And most of all, riding season is only about 4~5 months long! :evil: Never again...
  14. 2 years myself.. and yeah after driving from T.O. to van i swore never again.. but yes the coppers are pretty good when it omes to speeding. never got a ticket though. no riding may have been the reason for that.
  15. How can anyone claim the tickets are designed to reduce road toll when they are booking drivers which are barely going over the limit.
  16. Note also that these "results" are from the first three fixed speed cameras that Queensland has ever had.

    Its a real money maker! We'll soon get new "road safety" and "dangers of speeding" campaigns out so they can justify planting more of these money trees!
  17. The Victorian Government makes 5.5m a week out of greed cameras. They "upgraded" and activated another 30 fixed cameras to now be both red and speed cameras on Good Friday, so that number may rise.
  18. Sorry, my mistake. It's Ontario that has no cameras.
  19. More to the point, what country can I go to and speed (EDIT and get away with it)? :twisted:
  20. any country you want to probably. except maybe for some TPLAC (Tin Pot Little African Country)