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difference between yr models

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by En, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. hey,
    am wondering if there is much difference between year models of bikes. like would a 05 spada be fast lighter etc compaired to that of a 90's model? i am imagining that little bits would be tweeaked every year and would their be much difference. wondering whether to buy brand new or an older model

  2. I would think your main factor is going to be how much money you can spend rather than differences between models.
    That said, in some cases a model stays the same for years, in other cases the manufacturer uses the same designation but introduces an entirely brand new machine......
  3. They only made the Spada in 1989 :LOL: :LOL:

    I understand your point but just though it was a funny choice of bike considering they never had another year model to compare too.
  4. Since 1989 the only changes made for the GPX250 each year have basically been minor cosmetic changes usually involving the colors & decals.
  5. yeah sorry, i know they only made them in 89/90 but just say they made them every year or so - would there be much difference between them.
  6. That's a pretty big "what if" :p , but you need only to look at KK's post about the GPX. In reality, 250cc engine technology hasn't really progressed in the last 15+ years. CBR250RR's stayed essentially the same throughout their life and I think that they were the last of the sports 4-cylinder 250's to be officially brought over by the manufacturer. The ZZR 250 has received a couple of minor facelifts in its lifetime, as has the GPX but as far as driveline and even suspension goes, they are all basically the same.
  7. so why haven't the 250cc bikes progressed?

    Is it because once a rider gets a certain level experience 600 become the entry level of bike choice? ie there's no real market for 250cc bikes (except learners)?
  8. 250's haven't progressed I would guess because they don't need to. They are for learners who don't get a choice and for city commuters and couriers who don't need blistering performance. There's not much point in spending money to make the advancements because only the learners would be interested in more performance, and they'll only sell them once off restrictions anyway.