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Difference between sports boots and dirt bike boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ageg, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Just a quick question. My Missus surprised me the other day with a new pair of Thor riding boots. Unfortunately they are the dirt bike/atv boots.... Does it matter that they are dirt bike ones? What's the difference between them and road bike boots?

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  2. They're harder to walk in, bulkier so they're hard to shift gears with on sportbikes, but probably have more protection/ankle support.
  3. Do they fit you? Have you tried riding with them?
  4. Dirt bike boots will generally be more rigid and heavier than road bike boots. They're designed for usage where impacts to the foot and lower leg are routine rather than exceptional.

    You may find that they are uncomfortable when curled up in a sports bike type crouch, possibly to the extent that they prevent your ankle bending to the required angle. However, they should be fine on something more upright.

    Some people claim that it's impossible to change gear in MX boots. I call bullshit until I see a CR500 with an auto box :D. OTOH, the aforementioned riding position issue may cause some difficulty.

    A million London couriers seem to have no problems riding on the road in MX boots.
  5. Thanks everyone for the replys :). I have tried them on and gone for a bit of a ride in them, they weren't too bad to walk in or anything, it did feel a little harder to change gears compared to my sneakers.... But I just assumed it was because I was using sneakers and the boots needed to be worn in or something... Ahhh well seem to do the job :)

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  6. Well there'll certainly be an element of that. It should also get easier as you get more used to them. Given a choice of riding footwear, I'd go the supposedly unsuitable boot over the sneakers any day of the week.

    Certainly my next riding boots are highly likely to be a pair of the most heavily armoured ATV type I can get and I don't even do gravel roads if I can avoid them :D. I am, however, a serious commuter and am firmly of the opinion that, in the average urban crash, impact protection is what counts and MXers have that in spades.
  7. They will come in handy when you reach the supermoto phase. :LOL:
  8. you"ll get used to them. adjust the gearshift lever a little to suit the boots if neccessary. beats riding in sneakers.
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