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Difference between SLA and Li battery charging programs (CTEK)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by oldcorollas, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Rather than clog up other thread.

    regarding differences between LI-ion and Sealed lead acid battery chargers, they have different voltages at different times.
    standard SLA chargers (particularly dumb chargers) can be used for Li-ion as well, but must be taken off when fully charged, before the "trickle charge" program starts.

    CTEK has a number of SLA chargers (eg 0.8A and 5A), and also an Li-ion specific charger.
    the specific lithium charger allows it to remain connected, without danger of the "trickle charge" issues of SLA chargers

    in their user manuals, they show the charging programs.. some differences are:

    initial kick off/soft start
    Li gives it 5A until 11V is reached, SLA (5A) gives it 0.8A until 12.6V (small battery program), or 5A to 12.6 for large battery program

    Bulk charging and absorption phases
    Li is at 13.8V, SLA is at 14.4V, or 14.7 for AGM program

    Analyse phase is same for both (ie, is it stuffed and less than 12V)

    next, Li charger goes to "completion" with a slower 1.5A charger until it reaches 14.4V

    both types of chargers then go into float mode at 13.6V, but the pulse kick of the trickle/float starts at different voltage, and goes to different voltage (Li = 13.4/13.8, SLA = 12.4/14.4 or 12.4/14.7 for AGM)

    the 0.8A CTEK charger "desulphation" start (stage 1) will probably be ok for Li-ion, because voltage is only 14.4V

    whereas the 5A charger "Desulphation" stage 1, and the "recondition" stage 6 are both at 15.8V, which isNOT OK for Li-ion.
    the AGM program is also NOT OK for Li-ion, as it goes up to 14.7V



    WHile a fully charged SLA battery should be about 12.65V, Li-ion is different

    for voltage vs charge for Li-ion, the following table should help...

    if you want more info, you can go to places like "Battery University"
    Charging Information For Lead Acid Batteries – Battery University
    Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries
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