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Difference between Kawasaki GPX250 and ZZR250??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I'm abotu to enter the market for my first bike and have read lots of good things about Kawasaki 250's being easy to ride, cheap to maintain and economical to run - which all sounds good.

    They also seem to to look the part :grin:

    So - when I look around various sources at second hand bikes I keep seeing 2 different model numbers "GPX" and "ZZR". Both are sporty looking bikes with fairing and both have 250cc engines. Insurances sites give me identical quotes for these models..

    So what is the difference? Is there something fundamenttal that I'm missing? Is one a better 'first bike' than the other?

    (I'm looking to spend ~$4k)
  2. A ZZR has full fairing, different suspension and brakes (GPX is slightly more sporty) and the ZZR looks better.

    Both are bullet proof if looked after and fairly cheap to operate.
  3. Also the ZZR has an alloy frame, the GPX has a steel frame (Though the ZZR still weighs a little more) the GPX has a slightly longer reach to the bars, and slightly greater total gear ratio (I think it’s just the sprocket size) The GPX also has smaller diameter wheels.
    I also noticed that some of the finishing details are a little plusher on the ZZR, nothing major just things like the layout of the dash, the fuel tap is nicer that sort of thing.
    As a beginner rider you probably wont notice much difference, so take a look and have a sit on each, then pick the one that floats your boat.
  4. Both are good bikes for learning on, and they feel similar. You are, however, likely to break less plastic on a GPX250 if you drop it (and you probably will).

    For that reason I would consider a CB250 or VTR250 Honda as a learner bike.
  5. GPX is about a 3 yr older design (based on their relative release dates in the UK market).
  6. they both ride pretty much the same to me, mind you it was about 4 years ago (i had a GPX and my room mate had a ZZR).

    just buy the one suits your tastes better as far as looks go.
  7. The GPX was first released in 1988 and hasn't changed since apart from paintjobs. It shows its age in 16 inch wheels and dated styling. It has an '80s steel spine frame that flexes under pressure and whilst a great commuter and learner bike, really has no sporting pretence at all. My grilfiend has one and loves it, however she also loves track days and is upgrading to an RVF400 so the GPX will be for sale in a few weeks.

    The ZZR is from about 92 and shares the same engine as the GPX but got a new beam frame that is much stiffer and 17 inch wheels which allows a greater choice of tyres. The ZZR has a bigger front brake disc and more sporty suspension than the GPX. I owned one for my L's and P's and would recommend it. It is more comfy than a CBR250 and the like but it is still capable of being hustled.

    The GPX represents great value, for your $4K you'll get a bike only a few years old, while a similar ZZR might cost $1 - $1.5K more, but the ZZR has a generation newer chassis and handles like it.

    Either way you'll have a comfy capable bike for learning on. Good luck.
  8. i read up on an american internet site.
    they reckon what we call a gpx 250 is actually a GPX250F model
    and when we call a zzr 250 is actually a GPX250H model
    i dont know the difference about how they ride so read the reviews from the other guys but i reckon the ZZR250 looks about 30 million times better than the GPX which really does look like it was straight outa the 80's. most of the GPX paintjobs show it too
  9. I've ridden a ZZR and I thought it was a great bike. Had 50000ks on it but it still felt very good. Plenty of straight line poke for your L's and comfortable as well.