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Difference between Kawasaki 250's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Guest, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Sorry if this has been covered before, but what are the main differences between the Kawasaki bikes, ZZR 250, ZX2R & ZXR 250.

    Are any of them grey imports?

    I think out of the three of them I like the ZZR250 the best, what do other people think. :wink:


    Ps Sorry for all the q's but I keep looking at bikes and find more and more, maybe I should stop looking :D
  2. don;'t forgot the gpx250

    zx2r and zxr are the same thing

    depends what you like better tim, i think the gpx is cheaper than both. some of them look decent as well.

    zzr has amore upright position

    zxr small sports

    gpx upright as well

    going back i would prolly buy an old srx or something similar
  3. ZZR is a parallel twin in a less sporty, more tourer type frame. shares the same motor as the GPX250 which is a lighter, more commuter based bike

    ZXR and ZX2R are basically the same thing, inline 4 motor in a sporty frame. i know they changed a bit but i dont know the specifics. i like that the later ZX2R has USD forks and a decent looking headlight tho. probly makes no real difference, but the wank factor is definately there 8)
  4. Zxr and zx2r are the same thing, the actual model name is zxr but importers just try and make them sound new.

    There's two models of ZXR the A model and the C model. The A model is older and has twin headlights, pre 1990 is an A model I think. C model has a single headlight and is 1990>. Thats the easiest way to pick them apart cosmetically. They have different frames, and other bits.

    They're all grey imports, even the ones that are being sold recently, new.
    Engine wise there pretty much the same bike, there a inline 4cyl.

    I think the ZZR250 was sold new in Australia at a certain time, I'm not 100% sure tho. Theres alot of grey import zzr's aswell. As said above there a parralel twin.
  5. ZZR's have been locally delivered since there release in 1989??? All major kawasaki dealers still have them sitting on the showroom floor. They only grey import ones i know of hav originated from dealerships like sumoto that buy them uber cheap from japan and bring them over.

    I have only ever come across ONE ZZR that was a grey import in all my looking. After hounding the seller for it's history i found out it came from Sumoto so i walked away!!