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difference between carbon and stainless cans?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cakeman, May 10, 2009.

  1. Apart from the ovious, what are the differences, advantages/disadvantages of a carbon vs stainless can?

    Ive noticed quite a few makes and brands where they make the sam can in a carbon and another in a stainless

    Cheers in advance
  2. Carbon will fade and go dull. If it gets too much heat, it will turn white. Stainless or Titanium (Ti) is a much better material.
  3. Carbon may be lighter?
  4. I was told that the difference between the same style titanium and carbon can was 300g for a M4 exhaust for the ninja 250 so it doesn't make too much difference in the weight department but every bit helps i guess.

    From what i've found out they will produce a bit of a different sound and obviously look very different, don't know if there's a performance increase which i'm guessing is what you really want to know
  5. ones cheaper and the other is more blingy
  6. I remember reading on the Tyga website that their stainless can (the one I got) is a bit louder than the CF version.
  7. what i've found on larger capacity bikes not 4cyls but twins

    the exhaust pulses are dampened by the carbon can as the have more give in them than the more rigid metal can, and sound slightly more muffled or less metallic... hard to explain really.... but on a 4 i dont know as they dont really have the thud thud a twin has
  8. Akrapovic website says no performance difference between their carbon/stainless/titanium cans.
  9. get cheaper one, save yourself the extra and get a slab
  10. I'd figure it's primarily for weight reasons. Secondary, color; ie you want black over stainless.
  11. costs, looks, weight
  12. Summed up:

    Stainless heavy but more durable.

    Carbon fibre lighter but fades and discolours.

    Titanium light, lasts fairly well but costs more.

    Pay your $ and take your choice.
  13. quite a few of the carbon pipes are just steal with a thin layer of carbon wrapped around and are infact heavier

    but they add 20hp at the front wheel
  14. I'm going CF because of the note it produces. Weight savings, well I'm already a fat bastard so there's other areas that can come off first!
    As for heat my current SS can is to hot to touch a good 30 mins after a ride so the CF should operate much cooler.
    I briefly thought about a black chrome can but balked at the price. Looked good though.
    My priority was size and shape, then cost, then note, then weight.
    The actual material didnt really come into it.
  15. on anothernote... does anyone know of a place in sydney that can re-sleeve my carbon fibre mufflers?
  16. I've heard that heat is a big plus, allegedly a carbon muffler is much more pillion friendly.
  17. Not sure it's a significant difference - I've just put a CF can on and it still gets frickin hot
  18. dont touch it problem solved....

    if its cold & frosty use it as a handwarmer

    some reason ive noticed my stainless pipe doesnt get as hot as the suicide pipe
  19. Spot on.