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Difference between a good dealer and a crap one

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. So last weekend saw a mate and I go bike shopping for him. The three bikes he had on his short list were;
    Ninja 1000 new
    Ninja 650 new
    VFR800 new
    And a second and Ducati ST3

    So the idea was simple, go and check these bikes out, take each of them for a test ride to come to a short let of 1 or 2, and with the deals that Kawasaki and Honda had on maybe make a purchase.

    So off to Dealer #1. got there at 8.30am so they hadn't setup or taken all their bikes out. Young guy came and was very helpful. Test ride? Yep no worries let's move these 5 bikes to get a new ninja 1000 out. Young rode the 1000 whilst my mate followed on the 650, then they swapped whilst on the ride. Very easy going and easy to deal with. And my friend was very happy with the 1000 and was keen to compare it to the others.

    Off now to Dealer #2, who had a second hand ST3 and sold new Hondas too. Get there only to find the ST3 was sold, fair enough. And the VFR they had was display stock only and couldn't test ride it. Ok, we didn't call ahead, fair enough.

    I then called Dealer #3, to see if they had a VFR to test ride. Yes, they have several, come on over. So back we go, pretty much over to near where Dealer #1 was. Get there, hardly anyone was around as they were not very busy. I get abused for sitting on a Nina 650 that had been sold, but couldn't see th very small sign around the back of the bike, ok. Then the guy walks back inside, we think wtf and had to follow him to ask about the VFR. Sorry, you can sit on one, but you can't test ride it. My mate says that he is keen to purchase but must compare the Honda and Kawak first. Put a deposit subject to test ride on the day of pick up, is what we were told. No thanks.

    I then call Dealer #4, ask if they have a Honda VFR800 to test ride, he says yes, I advise that if drive all the way across town to find no bike to test ride would not end well for him. Anyway, we get there, and they are so busy. Ask for Peter and were advised that he had three people waiting. But Peter came over, and went yep, VFR test ride, sign here and go with that guy as he was just about to leave on a group test ride. No problems at all. Now this place is the same chain as Dealer #1

    Mate comes back, and decides he likes the Ninja 1000 better. Now across the road, is another store of Dealer #3 chain, so we go over to see if they have any 1000's in stock as he is keen now to sign.

    So at this Dealer #5, not a soul to be seen, and the sales guy is a little arrogant. Nope, no 2012 models in stock, just sold the last one an hour ago. 2013 model here, but at full RRP and wasn't keen to make deal.

    So back to Dealer #1 to see if they can do a deal. They did, he also spent another $1,500 on new gear too. He picked up the bike this week and was surprised as to how he was treated. He was shown around to sales manager, customer service accessories manager, the service manager and they went through the whole bike and spent heaps of time with him. Needless to say, he was very happy and loves the bike.

    Also, another mate bought a Ducati 848 Evo from said Dealer #2, and it was he are the keys, watch the tyres as they are new and seevya later.

    Where has proper customer service gone these days? Don't people want to do business? I also work in sales, different industry but still sales and get paid commission. It appears that some people obviously don't need commission......
  2. I get the feeling I can pick which some of those dealers are haha, good times.

    And all that shit about test rides and them trying to make deals and stuff is always fun. Sales people (or sometimes more sales managers rather than the actual salesperson) can bring it on themselves to just say "No, we don't do test rides" to whoever they want... can be a good or bad thing I guess. I am vaguely familiar with this happening with a regular "customer" at one store who was jobless and never purchased anything, just always came in and test rode lots of bikes to pass the time so staff would start saying they don't do test rides.

    I've never had anyone apprehensive about me test riding, that has included numerous non-LAMS bikes whilst on my LAMS license, because "The other person test riding with you is fully licensed so it's not illegal", but I never did take up that offer... something about dropping a shiny pee poo Daytona 675 on a LAMS license frightens me somewhat.

    Temperamental industry eh...
  3. Make sure you email the dealer you bought from a letter of thanks...not enough of that these days.
  4. Sometimes the difference can be absolutely shocking good to see you had some luck with at least one dealer.

    Time of purchase service can also vary compared to post purchase service, I had an all hands on deck accommodating every need service at time of viewing and purchase but after that it just degraded.

    I can understand not naming the bad dealers but it might be a good idea to name the dealer which offered an above and beyond service for future buyers :)
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  5. I've had good and bad, bought two bikes from one dealer because of the five dealers I contacted - he was the only one who actually replied. When I bought my latest ride, my preferred dealer couldn't source the bike I wanted so I had to go elsewhere. The difference I experienced in service was astounding. The new dealer didn't seem to actually want to sell bikes. It amazes me how they are still in business. Needless to say after I picked up my ride I never went back.
    Mods? are we allowed to name good dealers? I understand that we cannot call out sh1te ones.
  6. Don't need to ask a mod for that, name the good ones mate.
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  7. strange that post-purchase service wouldn't be any good. I'm led to believe that dealerships make more coin on servicing rather then actual sales so you'd think they would want to keep the good vibes going so that you keep coming back every 6-8 thousand Ks
  8. One thing that always raises an eyebrow from me is when dealers don't know basic facts about either the road rules/licensing or about the bike they are selling.

    When I was looking in a few dealers for a 50cc with my wife (who also has a proper licence, but likes scooters) there was a little misinformation flying around.
  9. Will at Image Motorcycles. http://www.imagemotorcycles.com.au/ he knows his bikes, does a good deal and seems to genuinely care about keeping his customers happy. I got my Er6-n and my Z1000 from him.
    If he had an M109r in stock when I was ready to buy I would have bought my third bike from him. A mate (on here as Cockrocket) got his Versys through Image as well.
  10. Well, the good dealer was Team Moto at Moorooka....
  11. I bought my FZ1 from teammoto Northside, sight unseen from QLD, very painless.
    When there was a fault on the bike that they didn't know about, I had it fixed and then they reimbursed me the invoice.