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diff btw zzr250 zx2r??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by coxy, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Hey there,
    I am interested in both bikes and was wondering if anyone could explain the differences betweeen these two models. I know the zx2r is a ninja but what exactly does this entail. Also what year di the zx2r go out of production and why? :?:

  2. The ZZR is a sports tourer. More upright riding style.
    The ZX2R is a full sports model. More bent over riding style. They still make them as far as I know :shock: Thought I saw a new one on sale not that long ago.
  3. Also, the ZX-2R is a bit more powerful

    Edit: And the GPX250 is pretty much the same as the ZZR250, same engine and stuff, but GPX250 is cheaper.
  4. Also most of the ZZR250's are australian import, as far as I know all of the ZX-2R's are grey import.

    Which can have insurance and parts implications.
  5. so between a zx2r and a zzr what would be the best value for money, considering its going to be a first bike. I have looked at the gpx and although its cheap its not something that i really like. Also i havent looked into insurance as much as i should does anyone know how much abouts it costs per year? Is it full comprehensive or just third party?
  6. as far as i know your right on the money with the grey import stuff. the only bike shop i went to that said the zx2r's are not imports was sumoto :shock: :eek: :roll:
  7. hi coxy

    I have a zx2r, and for insurance - there are some places which do not insure grey imports at all (For eg. AAMI). So the choice of insurers may be slightly more restricted if you do have a grey import but there are plenty of insurers out there that will insure them. I managed to stumble onto a great deal with the people that currently insure my car, CGU insurance.

    I'm still on my L's, am over 25 (not telling exactly how much over!! :p ) and CGU let me keen my rating 1 for my bike insurance (some places, like Swan Insurance, wouldn't let me do that while I was still on my L's). For comprehensive insurance, I am paying about $400 per year. The excess was reasonable as well at about $400.
  8. For a first bike I would probably suggest the ZZR 250. The ZXR 250s are a much more powerful bike though, and as your skill progresses you may find this is something you desire.
  9. Cheers thats a big help, will search around some insurance companies first and see what th e dealio is before i take the plunge and get my first set of wheels.
  10. From what i remember the zzr 250 is a two cylinder engine where the zx2r is a 4 cyl very similar in specs to the cbr 250rr. revs to about 20k. Stopped production in 1998 i think. Will be hard to find one that hasnt been thrashed for most its life.
  11. Why search around?


    but if you do find more, throw them in there.
  12. Correct - parallel twin, just like my GPX. The choice really comes down to which one will suit your riding. I was briefly considering a full-sports 250 (yeah, slight contradiction there :p) but given I commute as well as scratch, I couldn't live with the hard-core riding position.

    You might find that the ZZR is a little slow for you after a while... but given the top speed on the ZX2R is only about 20km/h higher at best, why not just wait until you're unrestricted? :)
  13. My 2 bobs worth, ZZR250,s have been in production now for over 15 years, and the reasons are reliability, looks, lightweight grunt, and a forgiving nature. Also better looking than the GPX (biased opinion) easier (insert cheaper) to service than ZX2r, and they don't sound like a mozzie with a hardon when your ringin there tits out. (148kph, down with tailwind)

    OK, I own one, my second...
  14. Thats because Sumoto are the dodgiest bastards in Melbourne,do not,i repeat,do not buy a bike from Sumoto! :D All ZX2Rs are imports.Honda where the only ones who bought a 250 inline 4 to Australia(CBR250RR)
    Imho,if you can afford it,you'll be happier with the ZX2R man,its a better sports bike all round and its top speed will be about 40ks quicker than a ZZR man,trust me.It'll handle heaps better too as it has decent suspension. Parts arent that much of a problem man,greys have been around for 10 years now,so theres a few in the wreckers you can scavenge from! :D Theres also dealers who can get most of the stuff you'll need.The only real problem is insurance,and thats not to bad now as there is a few companies who will do them,compared to when i had my FZR250 way back in 95-96 and no one had even heard of them! Good luck man and happy buying! 8) :D

    BTW I used my ol' FZR250 as a commuter too,its not as bad as some make out man. :D
  15. only prob with the grey import (cbr, zx26, fzr) is that you don't know where they've been. They put a new clock on them, put new fairings on them but keep the same engine so they could have been thrashed for 10 years with 150,000 k on them and then have 2003 compliance and 10k on the clock....

    i heard of a mate's friend (i know it sounds far fetched, i know the guy just through a friend) that bought a zx26 for about 5 or 6 and took it in to the shop for a starting prob or something and then was stuck after he found all these other probs.. had to spend about 4k just to get it out of the shop...

    that being, i know theres gonna be tons of you who've had no probs with your ninja, but when it comes to servicing and you need some spare parts.. i know which one i'd rather have.. the parts on hand, not waiting for some japanese part....

    i bought the zzr btw, so you get to read the guilted bias =p
  16. Zx2r is still made but is of course grey import. I am 19 and i have a zx2r 2003 build (first bike) and I love it. I have insurance through suncorp (the extra pack; so 3rd party fire and theft basically) and it is around $500 maybe a bit more cant remember. The bike you want all depends on you if you want a bit more power and a bit more sporty image the go the zx2r. lets not kid yourselves, bikes are just as much an image thing as it is fun and cheap (provided you dont have an accident). so whatever you choose enjoy it and stay upright!!!!
  17. Dont be afraid to commute on a sports 250... their all pretty soft anyway. IMHO go sit on the bike for a little while, even better; go ride it for an hour (if a dealer will let you) and see if your sore. Admittedly riding takes a bit of getting used to, but if your cramping up or sore after 30 minutes riding then it aint the bike for you.

    Me; im about 6"2-3 or so, and 80kg... on a CBR i get instant back spasms and cant ride for more than 15 minutes. On a ZX2R i get the same back pain and a crick neck (no real idea why!?); but on FZR's i can ride for pretty much all day and the only problem i get is with a bit of a sore backside.

    I commute on my Fizzer and love every trip in to work; and just because you dont think you want that little more zip cos your only starting out. I intentionally went the other way and got something that seemed nice and quick to start off with, as i knew id be keeping it for atleast 12 months and didnt want to get bored with it after the first 6.

    Ride 'em all, sooner or later you'll go for a test ride on something you hadnt considered before and be grinning from ear to ear. If the grinning continues one the ride has stopped; please... consult you bank manager for the loan. :wink:
  18. You've given the perfect reason for completely ignoring the compliance plate on Greys man,alls it tells you is when the bike was imported,you have to use common sense when buying grey.If its a '92 model FZR with an '03 compliance plate and its only got 10,000ks, you know its dodgy. :roll:
    You should always have any bike checked out when you buy it 2nd hand and this goes for Greys just that little bit more.By the same token,i've had problems with non import bikes too man,i bought a 2nd hand ZX9R a few years back and its gearbox shat itself 2 months after i got it,$2000 worth of repairs thank you very much. :evil: Point is,buying 2nd hand is ALWAYS a risky deal as you never know how its been ridden (Grey bikes or Official imports).
    As i said in my earlier post,parts arent that hard to get,theres plenty of Greys in the wreckers you can scavenge from. :wink:
    Geez,all these ZZR riders trying to justify their choice to themselves! :LOL: (j/k fellas!) :LOL: :D
  19. Mmm - but as you say Koma, you're a tall bugger, so the strain on the wrist is a bit less for you ;)

    He does have a point tho: you really need to ride the bikes side by side, and see which one is going to suit the riding you'll be doing. After all, you're the one riding it, not us!