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dietary/weight advice wanted. (sorry for long post)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. I've always had a fast metabolism. I drink I piss I eat I shit. None of this 3billion hour digestive crap for me.

    I was getting fit and the end of last year and maintained a healthyish weight. Then I got a broken jaw, and a brain injury, and was worried about losing weight. I didn't. I stayed at 75kg. I'm a little under 6' tall, and BMI was on the low side of the healthy scale. However, recently I've dropped to 65kg.

    Leaves me a BMI of roughly 20/21, so still apparently healthy but my jeans don't fit and I look thin in the face. I'll never be huge but I was just healthily staunch (almost lol) looking at 75kg.

    My appetite fluctuates, starving for 3 weeks, not hungry for 1 or 2... unhealthily it's like 5 meals a day for a while, then 1 or 2.

    I've been eating a bit of crap, but generally I surprise people with the amount I can eat. How can I put on weight???? I assumed it wasn't enough carbs as gf didn't like pasta much, but I eat pasta nearly daily, steaks the size of my face.

    Amphetamine use has dropped dramatically. Can stress induce weight loss??

    Is this a dietary issue, or is this something I should be getting anti-depressants for? I don't feel bad, however I can be quite moody, and have a couple of psyche-changes since
  2. hmm best go see a dietician, but the only thing that i can recommend is going to the gym and throwing some weights around.
    so long as you keep up your eating, you should be able to slowly put on some healthy weight
    it's the only way i can put on weight. i'm 6'2 and around 74kg. i find when i stop training, i just lose it all.
    dunno if that helped at all... :?
  3. You've been through a lot of stress in the past year (going by what I've seen you post). It could be that you're mildly depressed, which would explain the loss of appetite. If that's the case (only you will know) then the best bet is probably some more excersise. A 5km run should get the endorphins kicking in to make you feel better and your appetite should return to replenish stocks lost in the excersise then more. :)

    If like me you hate running, then find something else. I paddle a kayack and it works a treat. :)
  4. 5 meals a day?

    Take some anti-worm tablets.
  5. true... could be right. running made me put n weight but f i hated it lol...

    the appetite isn't lost. i can eat until i'm sickengly full, then eat again in like half an hour.... so excercise can be used to gain weight?? anything specifically?? i hate gyms, that ain't happening.
  6. You need some of my mums lasagna... a steady stream of that stuff and you'll be fattened up in no time!

  7. You need to eat more, plain and simple.

    Get your calorie intake up, eat 7-8 small meals everyday - each needs to include protein, carbs and good fats (olive oil/canola oil)

    You need to start exercising/weight training as cardio will just burn more fat.

    To give you some idea, I am the same height as you but am 30kgs heavier - and have low body fat. I weight train at home.

    Try doing some reading on "hard gainers" or "ectomorph" as this sounds like you (lean, thin and find it hard to gain size)
  9. Firstly, don't listen to BMI, it's bullshit. It doesn't take into account body composition, just weight. It's a load of crap.

    You may not need to eat more(probably do), but you need to eat the right things, day in and day out. That's where it gets hard. For eg, if you eat an extra 200 calories ontop of you normal diet each day for 1 week, you'll have eaten an extra 1400 calories. But if you then for the next 2 days eat only a couple of meals, you might easily lose 2000 calories on what you normally eat. So in those 9 days, you are actually down.
    It's doesn't take a genius to work out you will never put on weight this way.

    The answer in regards to diet is consistency. Even if you feel shit one day and don't want to eat, eat as much as you can.

    Now, as said already, you HAVE to start resistance training ie weights. If you want to put on decent weight you have to. I don't know why you hate gyms but it can be a great place if you know what your doing. If your not stressing your body with load, it will have no reason to grow bigger and stronger. Therefore you won't put on weight. You have to stress your body, and this is where weights will come in. I won't go too much into it atm, but you have to concentrate on big compound lifts, which will allow you to lift heavy and will also work a vast majority of muscles.
    This coupled along with ALOT of eating will see you on your way.
    Also, cardio exercise such as running/riding etc will not make you gain size/weight. Yes it will keep you fit and as said release endorphins, but in the end it burns calories. If you want to do cardio, just remember to eat a high GI food right after, such as a protien shake with glucose as to replenish the calories you've just lost.

    Now back to diet, not only do you have to eat alot, you have to eat the right foods obviously. You are an ectomorph, you need your carbohydrates. If you have an inadequate supply, your body will be constantly breaking down protein/muscle to use as an energy source. You need clean, complex carbs, such as oats, rice, potatoe. You need protein in each meal, and this should come from eggs, chicken, beef, tuna, fish, milk, cottage cheese. Also keep your good fat intake high, such as fish oil, flaxseed oil, nuts, olive oil, avacadoe.

    Lastly, i deal with alot of these 'hard gainers' daily. They all think they eat sooo much, but can't put on weight. When i see what they eat, it's nothing. Yeah, it's more than your average person, but overall it's not going to get you anywhere, especially being an ectomorph.

    If possible could you post up like 2 days of your eating, and what times you ate. That would help.

  10. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day dude. Starting with breakfast! Even if youre not hungry in the morning, a quick meal, be it cereal, oats, toast, eggs, whatever will kickstart your metabolism. After breakfast, youll find you WILL be hungry again in a couple hours time. I can almost guarantee that.

    You dont need to bust your ass in the gym with weights. Its all about fatiguing your muscles and then allowing them to repair. This can be done in a matter of minutes. Literally. when doing your excercised, start with a weight that you can get no more than say 8 reps MAX before you physically just cant lift it anymore. Then increase the weight slightly and do it again but this time only 6 reps. After this do it once more, increase the weight and do 4 reps. The weight needs to be enough that you can only JUST get the last rep out. Seriously, it doesnt take long at all.

    Dont bother running if you wanna put on weight. Might build muscle in your legs but it will also trim you down even further.

    Simple thing to do is do a session or two with a personal trainer. Use them to show you a few different excercises and how to do them properly. Then go for it on your own. But the main thing is EAT BREAKFAST!!! Try it for a week. This in itself will change your appetite completely.
  11. Yeah I was like that. Im not the tallest of people at 5'11'' but I could eat anything and wasnt gaining weight, still was at under 70kgs and wanted to build up. I do Tae Kwon Do and have a Black belt in Karate and being a bit lean wasnt helping me much with that. One of my mates there gave me this personal trainers name so I gave him a call.

    I got the personal trainer to write me up a program and give me some advice on how much and what I should be eating. He said I was eating enough but not of the right foods.

    More Carbs and Proteen is what I really needed. I do 4 days a week at the gym now and im pushing towards 80kgs, considering I was about 68kgs when I started.

    I advice that you find yourself a good personal trainer and get a couple of weeks worth of lessons with them at least, and some advice on what to eat.
  12. Or you can just ask me here for free :wink:
  13. Give up the Amphetamiens. :LOL:
  14. I forgot to mention, amphetamines supress appetite. They were used as a weight loss drug for this exact reason a while back.
    This could be the cause of your fluctuating appetite.
  15. you just posted this to make us girls with big bums jealous, didn't u? :evil:

    can't make any suggestion on the physical side but you made the comment about stress and certainly my experience is that almost any health issue has an emotional component to it too. i'm not on NR often enough to follow everybody's stories as much as i'd like, so apologies for not knowing what you've been through in the last year, but a good counsellor or support group for your specific circumstances can be worth its weight in gold to help your emotions, and perhaps in this case your appetite, stabilise.

    thanks for posting. all the best, carri x
  16. and if you have trouble giving up when you want to, call these guys NA
  17. Righto Nautic...

    I'm 5'11 ish, and can barely push past 50kg....and I only JUST reached 50kg in the last few months :p

    Now, I know I eat like crap generally, so I know that my diet is an issue...however...to give you the last two days as suggested..

    Breakfast - 7.20amish - 1 piece of toast and a coffee (general breakfast every morning, only changes to a small bowl of cereal otherwise.)

    Work: - 8am ish - another coffee with a couple of biscuits.

    Lunch - 1ish - Toasted chicken and cheese sandwich, bottle of water

    Dinner: 7pm ish - Medium pizza...yes...all to myself - it was a coffee meet...shuddap :oops:

    Was medittereanian (fetta, onion, herbs, spices, etc etc), with a Lemon, Lime and Bitters...followed by a hot chocolate.

    Breakfast - well, none. But that rarely happens.

    Lunch - 2pm....2 piece feed from KFC :oops: :-w

    Dinner - 8.20pm - homemade lamb salad (go my little cook booga ;) ), followed by home made fruit salad and yogurt for desert.

    And today I've had my toast and coffee (7.20am), a coffee and 2 bikkies (8.15am), and i'm about to have my fruit salad and a muesli bar, with a bottle of water for lunch....

    As for exercise....umm..yeah...not much :-w

    Do you worst ;)
  18. Listen to nautic - his advice is the best thus far.

    I would also add that some cardio will help with any depression, but so will resistance training to some degree. If you're really against gyms, you can easily learn some pretty intense bodyweight programs to get you started. You can also get some weights to use at home.

    And definitely lay off the amphetamines, as the appetite suppressant effect is exactly what you don't need.

    You can save your money on a Personal Trainer, as it appears that nautic is one, and so am I. However, if it goes beyond advice and you need someone to show you stuff and get you motivated, then booking a PT for a little while might help.
  19. peeah - you just ain't eating enough!


    Lay off the KFC and crap like that and increase your total intake. Sounds like you hardly eat at all and you're obviously an ectomorph and need your calories. Start off with a bigger breakfast. One piece of toast? My cat eats more than that! ;)
  20. Peeah, i'm assuming you want to put on weight.

    For starters, over the last 3 days i've counted that you've eaten 3 meals.
    Your about 9 meals short of where you should be...ha ha

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You HAVE to eat it. Half a cup of oats and some eggs would be great.
    You need to eat every 2.5-3 hours. I'm not talking big meals, just small ones. Biscuits and coffee don't count.
    Cans of tuna, nuts, veggies etc

    There is no way you can put on anything eating how you are. Your metabolism would also be down the shitter..ha ha