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Diesel Spill Pics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99CIBBER, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    About a year ago I had my first off, rounding a LH bend I rode through a nice long stretch of fresh diesel on the road, started to exit the corner and realised that the bike wsn't straightening up. Big lowside. Luckily no cars were behind to clean me up. So I thought I'd post up my pics of the slick.

    The road was dry so there wasn't the rainbow effect coming off the surface.
    Protective gear worked wonders!

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  2. Diesel is hardcore.

  3. Thanks mate, very good idea to post up some pictures. Since I'm just learning I don't really know what they look like. Will keep this in mind when riding (y)
  4. I was stopped at an intersection a few weeks ago, just near my place. There was a council truck that must have just filled up. As he took the bend, under the rail bridge and through the intersection, a massive amount of fuel sloshed and spurted it's way out around the filler cap.

    I still take it easy under that bridge, although I'm sure the rain should've cleaned it up by now. ;)
  5. No worries mate, I remember thinking to myself after it happened, I didn't learn or wasn't told anything about diesel slicks in my L's training. My suspicion is it's old busses and garbage trucks causing a lot of the mess on our roads.
  6. generally you can smell Diesel before you can see it, once you do keep an eye out for wet lines/patches on the road
  7. There's an almost constant smell of diesel on Mac Pass these days. This one brought me down a few years ago.


  8. One of the perils of a hill climb unfortunately. More dangerous when it's dry because they aren't as visible.
  9. You guys must have some serious nasal power! I can always smell roadkill before I see it. :)
  10. Bugger, hope you came out of it alright dude...
  11. I was OK, but the bike got written off. You can't see in the picture, but the front of the bike hit the armco and bent the forks. It had 163000k's on it, too, so...

    Moderated pic back to link due to size: http://www.halltech.com.au/forums/21-05-07_1238.jpg
  12. That looks like it got written off.

    Stat or repairable?
  13. It was repairable, and it was repaired and sold on. I could have bid on it, but I was a bit iffy about the forks and I wanted a change anyway.
  14. diesel can be hard to see in the dry... but garbage trucks operate with a lot of hydraulic fluid... and they commonly burst a hose... that's stuffs invisible and more slippery than any other fuels/oils.
    if you see sawdust on the road be aware... that means a poor attempt has been made recently to clean up a hydraulic fluid spill... and the stuff can cover a huge area before the driver becomes aware.
  15. Working in dredging i can second Monkeymans' comment about hydraulic oil. Ive fallen into the piss twice slipping on it (while cleaning up a spill from a blown hose), with really good non slip boots :p. Diesel not so much...
    My excuse always is im going into the water to try and contain that which is getting away!
  16. Check out my slip sliding away link... Diesel appreciation club.

    Cejay had a prang due to diesel and he was in riding in a straight line.

    Diesel is nasty.

    RC36 Cibber, feel free to join the club.
  17. Well, as well as my 2007 one being definitely diesel-related, I'm pretty sure that my recent one also was. How else can you explain the front end tucking under while the bike is vertical and experiencing a tiny dab on the front brake? Unfortunately I was too banged up to go back and look at the road till a long time after so I have no proof, but I'm mighty suspicious.
  18. Did anyone have any success in getting out of paying their excess on repairs? or is it a futile exercise?
  19. futile 'less you can prove who dropped the deisel I suppose.
  20. I had proof, even had the local RFS out to clean up the mess, but, as to proving that it wasn't my fault? No chance. Unless you see it being deposited and get the number/video/whatever, you're on your own.