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QLD Diesel Spill on Mt Nebo

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by V2, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Just to warn everyone - apparently there is diesel for about 2.5k between the Gap and Mt Nebo. Also heard a bad rumor that the speed limit from the Gap to Mt Nebo township has now been reduced to 70kph all the way to Nebo township.

  2. Went on a hill climb last night in my R, can confirm that the oil spill is there, the chatter from the car community suggests it was a modified Skyline R31 that boiled it's oil out everywhere.

    Speed limit wise, yeah can't comment, wasn't looking at those, more concerned with keeping an eye out for night ghost riders and possums.
  3. Sorry to pull up an old thread. Yes, I can confirm that all 80km/h zones between The Gap and Mt Nebo are now 70km/h. It went on the uphill run a while back and now the downhill is history in the last few weeks. There are also roadworks about halfway between those points being marked out, so it could be a slow old climb in the coming weeks for a little while.

    Thankfully the 80km/h zones between Nebo and Glorious are still in play on the way up.
  4. If only people could refrain from crashing ......................
  5. True. Although I suspect that the majority of crashes might have been at speeds higher than the posted limits.
  6. I saw a car (MR2 or something) had gone over the edge on Nebo on the weekend - imagine the limit will be lower further now!
  7. It's a testing road at the speed limits, so I've never felt the need to push hard up there. Sure, there are sections in between the twisties that you could go faster but I use them to allow the red mist to subside so that I don't end up either rolling down the side of a hill with Armco through my leg or becoming a mural on a rock wall.
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  8. I also just did a speed limit run on way down and it was enjoyable enough as its mostly corners where I can't go faster anyway. Still only done Nebo a couple times, so don't know it very well. AM getting much more accustomed to Mee though!
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