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Diesel motorbike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chilliman64, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. check this link out:


    there's an article about these in 'twowheels' magazine - 75kw and 200Nm! :eek: will do 0-100km in 4.5secs!!! :shock:

    the manufacturer describes it as being a "200 per cent bike, 100 per cent Sex and 100 per cent Rock and Roll!" :)

    I wonder if they will be sold here in Oz? I want to ride one!!!
  2. impressive torque. is it usable on a motorcycle without having 6 fat blokes in a side car?? what does it redline at?? what does it sound like????????
  3. Yeah saw something about this a while back - at nearly 70,000 Euro I don't think it's likely to sell in big numbers. Still it's a promising start, always thought cruisers were ideally suited for a diesel engine. Just have to remember not to let the battery go flat ;).
    Edit: Oh and the website for the company making them is:
  4. There used to be a french mob that made a genuine production diesel bike.

    It was a parralel twin thing like a Transalp.

    I'm not sure of the numbers but I got the impression it was a series production bike.
  5. Royal Enfield has produced many diesel models over the years, the Kyneton importer/distributor has some in his shop.