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Diesel bike & the 2011 vehicle census

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by mendosi, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. I was just on the ABS website looking through the data in the 2011 Motor Vehicle Census (just researching a letter to my local member) http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/DetailsPage/9309.031 Jan 2011?OpenDocument

    And I noticed that in 2010 there are supposed to be two registered bikes in all of Australia that run on diesel; then in 2011 there was only one.

    So I wonder who it is that owns Australia's only diesel bike, and whether it's any good.

    Interestingly I see that the number of "LPG/dual fuel/other" bikes has exploded in recent years. I'm thinking that they must be electrics since I can't imagine an LPG bike.

    Also looks like Qld has higher per capita motorcycle ownership than average.
  2. I believe there is an Enfield diesel somewhere in Australia so that should answer your second question as well :D.
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  4. Hey, neat. I hadn't heard about that.

    Previously the only thing I knew about diesel bikes was that there were some in India and they weren't very good.

    Following up from my earlier post, I found the stats that I was looking for on the ABS website http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/DetailsPage/9208.012%20months%20ended%2031%20October%202010?OpenDocument

    data from late last year measuring the number of vehicle Km on each mode of motorised transport divided by state. I'm thinking this could be useful to have on hand if I'm going to write to my local representative asking why there is no transport strategy for motorcycles.

    Now I just need to find data about the number of trips or passenger Km made on bicycles.
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  6. Paul Carter is a dead-set legend. I read two of his books ("Don't tell Mum I work on the Rigs..." and "Is that thing Diesel?") recently; the latter is the story of his ride around Oz on "Betty" the bio-diesel bike.
    Both cracking reads and highly recommended...
    Without ruining the story Betty was returned to her owners at University of Adelaide, stripped and was going to be rebuilt - it doesn't mention whether it happened or not. The engine that made the journey is supposedly at a museum in Nabiac.
  7. Maybe I should get my hands on a copy.

    EDIT: And 96mpg = 3.0 L/100Km on that Kawasaki! That's pretty good, but I guess that a diesel bike would not be particularly fun for twisty riding, and you'd need to commute an awfully long way to reap the financial rewards of the good fuel economy.
  8. There was a yellow Enfield diesel down at the World Superbike round at Phillip Island this year.
  9. "is that thing a diesel" by Paul Carter is now mandatory reading for every motorcyclist....

    If you put the book Down before you've finished it...... Please resume driving your cage :)
  10. Could be worse. Could be a Hyo
  11. You would be surprised, the engine has pretty good throttle response using a mechanical fuel injection system that they made themselves, most mechanical fuel injection systems on bikes are shit. And they rev pretty high for a diesel engine, something like 7,000 rpms of useful power if I remember correctly.
    "The usable engine speed range is also much greater than other diesel engines. Peak power of some 50 hp/litre is developed at around 5800 rev/min, with usable power available up to well over 6000 rev/min. This is combined with excellent low speed torque in a way which is unique for a diesel engine. The motorcycle thus has outstanding drivability with less need for gearchanging, which aids both on-road enjoyment and cross-country performance in the hands of expert and less experienced riders alike." http://guerrantwebworks.com/hdt/engineering.htm
  12. Yawn... :p
  13. Based on this glowing review, I have now purchased said tome and will read during orchestra rehearsal.