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Die Cast Motorcycle models...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by StereoHead, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. I thought a diecast model of my wife's bike would be a great pressie for her for xmas...

    Does anyone know a shop in Melbourne where you can get diecast models of motorcycles?

    Im looking for a blue/black/yellow GSXR600K1 .... a decent size... not one of those tiny little ones...

    and realistic would be good too...
  2. if anyone finds a good place, let me know too. i want a good diecast and a build it yourself zx7r :D year and colour are unimportant because i'll just be painting them anyways...
  3. It's not in Melbourne, but if you can't get it at Cowley's it probablydoesn't exist.

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  5. Maisto produce both the GSXR600 and ZX7R in 1:18th scale, you can usually find them in the toy section of K-Mart. There's also a store in the Melbourne CBD that specialises in diecast models (Modelmania 94 Elizabeth St).
    Edit: just noticed the link you posted, the NewRay brand models (and kits) are usually stocked in Big W stores.
  6. Game shops have them (a big range)and also the warehouse stock them . I get all mine off e-bay tho.
  7. Going to hijack this thread a little and ask, does anyone know of anywhere that stocks the Majorette brand or any other brand of 1:18 scale bikes?
  8. there used to be a place in boxhill that sold bike models as well as car, remote control and boxed. for the life of me i am not sure if they are still there, but it was the same group of shops on the side of the petrol station on the corner of canterbury rd and station st.

    I think i also saw a store in ringwood , near the yamaha dealership, as when i went to get my bike serviced i noticed posters and stuff, but its worth a checkout, or possibly ask someone on netrider if they live out that way to check for you.
    And lastly theres a shop in knox shopping center down the bottom near video games heaven thats been there for years, and he used to sell them as well.
  9. hee hee, 'Barbie' and 'Ken' Harley Davidson models :)
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  11. I buy all our models from HobbyRama.. I'm not sure if you guys have that shop in Melbourne?

    I have made a few myself. Very good fun
  12. If anyone is prepared to travel there are actually 2 stores specialising in diecast models and 1 hobby shop which also stocks them here in Ballarat. Also a good hobby shop in the back of the Toy Kingdom store in Geelong (Shannon Ave).
  13. there's another model shop in Springvale Rd just north of the railway line in Nunawading, may be worth a look.
  14. In Melbourne CBD you could try Modelmania, 94 Elizabeth St. 9650 8604. They sell models of just about anything.
  15. or try eBay

    I got all my Kwaka models
    (NewRay ZX9r and Maisto ZX12r and ZX7r and others)
    off eBay...cheap too