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Die-Cast models

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Biker Girl, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Does anyone out there know of any shops around Melbourne or Adelaide that sell a great range of die-cast model motorbikes of various sizes? Or, as a last resort, any great web sites that sell die-cast models.

  2. There's a games shop next to Dick Smith at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, Narre Warren, Victoria that has a huge range of die-cast collectible cars, and quite often has all sorts of bikes.

    Edit: Stupid auto-censoring.
  3. In Melbourne itself there's a good one at 94 Elizabeth Street. There's also two good stores in Ballarat (which know me quite well) as well as the Toy Kingdom store in Geelong. Depending on the scale you're after there's often a reasonable range at many toy stores, as well as the toy sections of the major department stores (eg BigW, Kmart etc.).
  4. on daws rd there's a hobby shop at melrose park or try Ebay.coles are selling arange for $10 r1 and sports bikes plus trail bikes
  5. You're wasting your time, you'll never find a GPX :LOL:

    They're usually either race bikes or street versions of race bikes. I've found my Hornet on a German eBay site, but not knowing German it wasn't worth the effort from my side...
  6. Not true - there's a wide range of Harleys and Japanese cruisers available in diecast, along with a variety of Triumphs, dirtbikes, even scooters. Along with the expected assortment of Japanese and Italian sportsbikes and tourers.
    Edit: Oh and if anyone knows of anywhere I can mail order Majorette or any other brand of 1:18 scale bikes please tell me.
  7. I have seen one in the flesh. Should have grabbed it at the time, as I haven't seen one since.
  8. try these guys


    cost nothing to be on the mailing list

    you will find that most of the stores around Australia get their models from Biante....then they put their markup on them...
  9. Didn't look like this by any chance? That's a Redbook brand 1:18 scale - been trying for the last year to find anywhere that stocks that brand (since they also make a diecast Katana). Incidentally this site is great for seeing what's available in the way of 1:18 scale bikes, of course there's also a fair range of 1:24, 1:12 and even 1:6 scale models out there.