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Die Antwoord!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Deadsy, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Die Antwoord is a futuristic rap-rave group with next level beats from South Africa. If you haven't already discovered Die Antwoord you must be leading an extremely dwanky existence and this thread will help introduce you to their zeftastic music.

    Die Antwoord. The Answer. The question? Everything.

  2. I'd rather listen to a classical polka soloist with old-school rhythms from South America.

    But then there's a very long list of things I'd rather do than either of those :p
  3. What a load of crap.
  4. Really? Really?

    I can't tell if this is serious or a joke.
  5. Just the description is enough for me not to listen
  6. To quote from the interview I posted:

    "Do you consider yourself an intelligent person?"


    "Then what do you think?"
  7. I'm not going to sit through 6 minutes of that to get the context of that. (or to understand what you're saying).

    That's 6 minutes I can keep tapping the mrs on the shoulder in the vain hope of getting some tonight.

    P.s. doesn't look likely.
  8. Try tapping her somewhere else.
  9. Try tapping her with something else
  10. Tapping that so you can tap that?
  11. I saw them on Sunrise the other day.

    I'm not stunned by their music etc, i'm stunned that there is a market for it.
  12. All good. No advice needed. One tap on the shoulder was enough. ;)
  13. i'm really loving it.
    it just has everything.
    answers all the questions.
  14. That would be a large part of the point. ;) I'm a metal guy, but I enjoy the postmodern-blender-full-of-pop culture-and-acid-on-fast forward effect these guys achieve.
  15. this thread is amazing. Net rider collides with modern youth/pop culture (and divolves into dirty jokes quickly) - I love these guys, cause they aren't boring
  16. Somebody gave white trash an auto tune. Yay. They make kiesha look classy.
  17. That is tragic. Just... painful, so painful.
  18. #18 Deadsy, Nov 22, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2012
    Oi, rude person. Did you watch the interview? They aren't white trash and do not like being called that. They are high class.

    I fink they're freaky and I like them a lot.

  19. :shifty: trash...

    fcuken zef man, on fire ;)
  20. I can never tell if its just the best deadpan parody ever or what... its so fugging awful its GOTTA be a joke. Junkies with microphones. Unfortunately I asked my Saffa wife, and its legit.