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didn't you know?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. there's a great cartoon on sbs called vh1 illistrated. AO!

    10pm thursday nights.

    theres a lot of good telly out there and many of us don't realize exactly when we should make it our business to get in front of the box.

    soooo, i started this thread for those who want to share their tit bits on whats worth watching.

    im a cripple so i'll probably be able to give a tit bit every day!

    enjoy vh1. i only discovered it last week.

    what do you recomend?
  2. Might help if you said what the show was about...

    And I always thought it was "tid bit". That said, if its tid bits, tit bits or a bit of tit I'm not complaining.
  3. my mother is big on the word TIT. so everything is tit this tit that. she bought a kitten and called her tits. she couldnt keep it cause of the dog so i got her and re named her tippy.

    i didnt want to stand at the back door calling out for 'tits...where are you tits'

    the show is a cartoon mock sketch that changes direction. i looked it up for you just now, tonight is

    micheal jackson
    george bush
    anna nicole smith + more
  4. Speaking of tits....
  5. yeah, speaking of anna nicole...i think she should av won that case against her dead husbands son. it's not like she didnt work for the money.
  6. My fav tv is latest eps of shows (months before we get them over here) that I'm in love with that somehow seem to find their way onto my computer.

    FYI the new series of Prison Break is exceptional!!!

    For general free to air (don't have cable) the Ronnie Johns show is awesome (Thursday nights 9PM Ch10 if you're in Sydney) and Thank God You're Here is always good value as well. Once again they seem to find themselves on my pc the next week as well ??? :grin:

    Other than that I've found there isn't much worth watching on TV these days. What especially pisses me off is all these up late revenue raising game shows. It used to be I could finish work at 2am and come home to a decent old school movie that I've never seen/heard of before. Now my TV barely get's turned on. Gotta get around to hooking it up the PC one of these days :)
  7. oh i hate those game shows! pure money grab. ch9 sunday 10.30ish comedy inc [great show] should take the piss on game show.

    it would be a caller ringing with the answer, getting message at the other end o the line 'thank you for your 50c, thats all we wanted..beep beep beep'
  8. The Channel 10 one seems to be a haven for ex Big Brother contestants. Haven't those nuffys had enough free exposure??
  9. i cant stand that blond dic who hosts the bb up late. next to him the housemates look good and talented


    women who marry violent men in prission. includes about four stories, one ends in execution.

    it clashes with my best friends wedding
  10. :rofl:

    yes, she would have received many miles


    there is nothing else on :p
  12. 11pm Saturdays World Poker Tour on ten

    ladies full of nines...
    what does that mean?? ;)
    thanx for the tit bit im-on-it
    abc2 [digital] 9.30 CNNNN! war on everything!

    that hollywood flick steve irwin made is on ch7 at 730.

    ch9, 6.30 funny home vids [it is funny!]
    im not going to do the football tit bits, im not into it at all. someone else can do that.
  14. Did you ever get to see Drawn Together? I like Family Guy and American Dad.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Ever since I had my accident, I was forced to watch tv. ugh. I haven't watched tv for 6ish years and I was reminded oh so often why I stopped watching it. In my recent surgery I made the decision to get foxtel due to the chance I could be stuck on the couch for a long time recovering. Such a great decision.

    There's almost always good stuff on whenever it's on. I have the basic package + the 'my world' (doco's + animal shows basically) and food/cooking/lifestyle package. It's definitely worth the $50ish a month for the docos and crime shows on. Emma loves the cooking shows. Highly recommended. Then simply use http://www.foxtel.com.au/TVGuideWhatsOnNow.aspx to see what's currently on or on next in a nice easy format, unlike the magazine guide :)
  16. Spicks & Specks ABC. 8:30 Wed.
  17. sorry guys im late with todays TIT BIT

    comedy inc. ch9 on now
  18. thanks for the TIT bit undies,

    i have foxtel also. its only $35 per month basic pack. all those who joined at $50 are still getting charged full price. you have to make a change for a month then return [because you cant return to the old pack]

    i have comedy ch this month for extra $14. been watching south park all weekend. mmmk
  19. foxtel uk ch 'distraction'. funny game show that crosses the line in a BIG way. 11.30pm some nights.
  20. ha ah , me agian!

    tonights tit bit

    MEDIA WATCH abc 920ish