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Didn't see you

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by redslert, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Didn't see you or didn't look!
    Stupid car drivers.

    Riding to work this morning in CBD was nearly ran over by car merging from lane next to me.
    I wasn't even in his blind spot but had significant speed differential and could see that he didn't even look at his mirror as I e-braked to a stop.
    I held my horn down and he didn't even take notice...

    Eventually rode up to his window at the next set of lights and stared at him... a Taxi driver saw the whole thing and he drove up next to me, rolled down his passenger window and told me to punch him in the face. LOL

    The driver heard him yelling out to me and said "sorry didn't see you..."
  2. A**holes mate. Take a mirror off next time.
  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of 2 wheeled transportation.
  4. meh, happened to me last week coming home on Mountain Hwy just out of Bayswater.

    This guy was a real tool though...
    I was in left lane of the 3 lanes keeping a safe distance from cage ahead (yeah hate left lane too but there was a bit of traffic and I had to turn left in a couple of k's), guy in one of those mazda, tray 1 ton things drives past me in center lane to about the car that was ahead of me.
    Then he decided to slow down quite quickly and move left...

    Pretty much anticipated what he was doing so I was ready for it but it still required me to brake fairly hard to stop him from moving onto me.

    Moron then pulled into shop strip ahead so I though to just inform him of what he'd done.

    His reply?
    Mate I passed you and thought you turned left earlier. (WTF!)
    I didn't see you in my mirror so it's your problem and so I'm not at fault in any way.. (again WTF!)

    My reply?
    Well pal, lucky for you I was driving for you as well as me or you could have had blood on your hands.

    His reply?
    Look, I checked you wern't there so I moved...

    My reply?
    But I was there and you admitted that you thought I turned rather than made sure I wasn't there..
    How about, just taking a little more care and watch out for motorcycle. It may just save someone..

    His reply:
    Sorry buddy, point taken...

    U farken pr&ck, watch what you're farken doin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I don't know how long you've been riding, so I'll assume you haven't been riding long.

    There's a couple of things you need to know. We are, to all intent and purpose, invisible to the average car driver, so get used to it. (Oh and wearing bright coloured clothing etc won't help a whole lot).
    You need to learn from this, so as to minimise the risk of it happening again.

    The first thing is the speed differential, I assume you were slower than the car. If so, that is probably the first mistake you made. Travelling at a speed equal to or slightly greater than the traffic means you'll be relatively safe, travelling at a speed less than the traffic will put you in danger.
  6. SYZ-725, Silver Audi ~ circa 2004 (model), male (red) P-Plater.
    Changed 2 lanes, without head-checking, putting himself within 10 metres, in front of me whilst riding on the Eastern freeway yesterday, citybound, in the far right lane.

    F***wit ! Even when I rode up next to him/beeped initially etc, he just looked back as though he had no idea what I was beeping/pointing to him about.

    The more I think of it, the more sense it makes to just splash out and buy that damn helmet camera. I want f***ers like this to get what they deserve.

    Oh, and in case someone enquires, there was no apology nod/wave from the driver...makes you wonder !
  7. ^^ The ones you have to watch out for on the Eastern are when the traffic is stopped and someone decides to suddenly move from a stopped lane into the transit lane with cars and bikes doing 100kmh without looking or allowing for the speed difference! Had some hairy moments with that over the last couple of years!
  8. Glad your ok.
    Best thing to do is let it go. Sooner the better. Expect it. Avoid it and move forward ha ha. Seriously if you ride all day ever day it will happen every day. It happens to me even when I am in my bloody car. It's big and bright blue.
    People will be people. Don't let them spoil your day.
    It would cost you more than him to take it to court if he does not hit you.
  9. Wot Mick and Bretto said.
  10. If we had a single thread like this where everyone put their daily dose of smidsy/no head check then this would quickly become the most active thread on netrider me thinks.
  11. DRMAT - VERY true. Have witnessed instances like yours even when in the cage !

    davidp1984 - Mate, you're DEFINITELY not wrong in what you say (y)
  12. +1 Joe, good on you for saying something.

  13. Another place to watch out for...

    Dual carriageway leading to a traffic-light intersection with a petrol station on the corner. I have one which is on my way to college (in-fact it's the only route I can use to get to the car park of the college). Every so often, people think that they can save 1~2 minutes by jumping into the servo's driveway and cut out the lights when turning left. Had some tool do this to me yesterday (when he thought that the lights would change to red before he got to the intersection) cutting across from the RH lane into the driveway without a hint of a blinker flash (isn't my Yoshi loud enough?). He then zipped through the servo between the pumps and the cashier's office (at a speed I wouldn't consider safe) and out the other driveway. I'm always on alert when I near a servo's driveway under these circumstances.

    I went into the servo myself (needed fuelling) and whilst paying I spoke to the attendant about people doing what I described above (in fact, two more cars did the same whilst I was fuelling). The cashier said she sees it quite often and noted that there has been customers hit from time to time.
  14. His admission and acceptance does not make him a prick imho it makes him more motorcycle aware next time.
  15. Depends if the point was really taken or if he just said that to fob him off ... I tend to agree with you however, if the guy really did understand the point, then the road is +1 safer for us motorcyclists as its 1 extra driver that will look out next time.
  16. But the point of it would be what?

    I live in a large country town, my daily commute is only a 15km round trip, yet a day doesn't go by that some f**kwit in a car fails to see me. Fortunately, because I am aware of what is happening around me, I see them and generally I'm able to take the necessary action before it even becomes a near miss. Sometimes they do sneak up on me and take me by surprise, but nothing a blast of the horn or a boot in the door doesn't fix.
  17. Exactly... It happens to everyone all the time so no need to whinge about everyone that happens, but in saying that, a newbie coming past this thread may pick up on how often it happens and how serious of an issue it is to be/stay on the ball.
  18. True, I suppose. I could just copy and paste a standard response.

  19. Agree, and that's why I pulled over to have a chat with him..
    One may only hope it makes a difference to the next rider he encounters.

    It was my thought as it happened.....