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didn't see that coming!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by steltzer, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. today, was off to the bank. had to deposit some cash, finally a customer had paid me!! i finally have maybe 1 day of fresh air, but thats beside the point.
    I pulled up at the bank in lilydale (ANZ) for those that know it, and went nose in ](*,) due to the traffic coming up from behind over a slight blind rise. i noticed a very old lady on the path way, in front of the newsagent, moving very very slowly and taking her time checing out the people as they walked past and generally just making her way down the path. i went in, deposited the cash, and came out to find her, and her walking frame off the path, in my parking space, and looking at my very cool, sporty(ish), and very loud ninja 650rl LOL. I thought, uh-oh, she is gunna have a go at me for being a young punk, with a noisey obtrusive bike, that does nobody any good, and was expectiing to be call a plethora of old school remarks.

    BUT NO......

    she was looking at me putting my helmet on, and just kept watching. I politely said, "hi, how are you today?"
    she said "fine thanks" in a very quiet and almost retreating, but inquisitive way. She mentioned that her husband, when he was 85, gave up riding because he just felt he was going to have or cause an accident. but he missed it till the day he died. then she said, "your bike is a beauty!". i sort of just thanked her, and said how much i loved riding, and i understood her husbands love for riding. she then said she gave up driving as well, "you cant be to sure when you are my age she said". she said have a nice day, i said the same. then I rode off as quietly as i possibly could, coz that lady was awesome!! totally didn't expect her response. And to have her make her way down the gutter (no easy task), just to say hello, and admire my bike, so much win. she was great, i only hope this world wont steal my zest for life, and jade me to much by her age (she was easily 90). made my day!
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  2. Nice story mate. Shouldn't worry about the bike noise though if you know what I mean?
  3. do you still have your wallet
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  4. Don't you wish you had a second helmet handy for these sort of occasions?
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  5. This made me sad. :-s It's such a nice story that it made me sad. Damn you OP!
  6. Sounds like she had fond memories of her husband :)...you made her day as much as she made yours I believe.
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  7. She wanted to get in your pants!! durrr she misses her husband and you remind her of him. Old ladies are great though in all seriousness
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  8. +1000
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  9. You know how to pull chicks orright...
  10. these warm and fuzzy feel good stories always bring out the tears.

    by sounds of it she would have been in her prime in the 'rebel without a cause' days of the 50's and 60's.

    in those days...TRIUMPH was the king of the road.
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    Was she hot?

    Oh why am I obligated to ask that. Stupid netrider terms and conditions.

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  12. Did you get her to ride your 'pillion'

  13. Wasnt there another thread where a chick rider didnt have enough guts to talk to a FZ6R rider......this old lady shows how its done......just stare intently / intensely and force the guy to approach ya :) heheh..........guy and im sure the old lady came out both happy :).
  14. Yeah made me sad as well................does it mean that one day we may have to part with our bike, because of old age? :(.......
  15. A similar thing happened to me a few years back at a Friday night Sth Bank coffee. The granny's son put her on the back and we went for a walking pace spin up and down the promenade, with all the sidewalk cafe and restaurant patrons cheering. :)
  16. Very cool story. We all have to remember thet old people weren't always old, and that at some point they were just as cool, fun, reckless, free spirited as most of us are now....and a lot of them still are, they just go about things with more wisdom....and slightly slower ;)
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  17. I like to think once I get to her age I'll be happy to take a few more risks.
  18. Sounds a lot like the conversations I've had with my Grandmother and some of her neighbours. Things like "Nice helmet. When I used to ride on the back of your Grandfathers BSA I only wore a scarf on my head to keep my hair from going out of place" and "I rode a Honda Z50 from Adelaide to Melbourne for a bet. Still got it in the garage, you want to check it out?"

    Some old people are good fun, it's the ones who haven't lived who are grumpy.
  19. Good for you mate, great story thanks for sharing:).
  20. Too true. My aunt from WA once decided she didn't like someone at a social event and wanted me to sock him because she couldn't :) I'm told that she probably wasn't kidding...

    They can be awesome fun :)