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Didn't Miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Long and Short of it... the Fazer Is probably no more, not sure if its a write off but bent forks, front fairing,engine case scratch it will either be a write off or a big fix.

    I just put a grand into it: new tyres, sprockets,chain ect ect.

    T intersection. green lights for us both. last second she hook a right.
    I do the old deer in the headlights thing and go car surfing at around 30 or so.

    sweet diagram (ignore the dots) ](*,)


    ----(Ben) -----------> ^.....................................


    i just couldnt possibley believe she would turn that late. atleast i got her passenger door good.

    2 car crashes and still no injuries touch wood. :-({|=
  2. mmmm, I think you need to buy some shares in a mattress company, and strap a couple on :LOL:
  3. Took me ages to understand that diagram but now I get it.
    Condolences... Can you rip the new good stuff off and sell??
  4. Its on the back of the truck by now. It all depends on whether it goes to the shop or the scrap heap i guess
  5. Dude, that sucks. :( Good to hear you came out unhurt though. Certainly could have been worse.
  6. bugger, glad to hear your not too badly banged up
  7. Fark me! Glad you're ok Ben. How did she not see you???
  8. the sun (which was directly behind her) was in her eyes.
  9. :rofl:

    Mate you gotta wonder about some of them!

    Glad to hear you're still bangin on. The mole diagram had me laughing my arse off. Hope you're back in the saddle quicksmart without too many hassles:wink:
  10. Sh*t...that's too bad, but bloody good you're ok..
    Easy for me to say, but it would'nt take much to make the outcome MUCH worse for you body-wise. Just a shame about the bike. :-(

    As I said in another thread...drivers don't often see us, because it's hard to do, when they've got their head up their arsk!...

    Again...glad you're aok, bodily. :)
  11. after filing the police report she "may" get a fine, depending on the outcome of the report. Possibley $254 and no points. I get more for going a few k's an hour over the speed limit on the hume and she nearly kills someone.

    The skanky mole was only interested in complaining about the damage to her car. Shes lucky I wanst as pissed at the time as I am now or she migtve been off to the pannel beaters herself.
  12. Skanky mole eh? Did you get her number?
  13. Really bad luck, I know exactly how that one feels too. Glad you're OK. I guess if you're really pissed off you could take civil action and hit her for taxi costs (or a hire bike) and other costs in the meantime, unless your insurance handles that.