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Didn't follow my own golden rule!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    As most of you know I moved up to Coffs Hbr from Melb about 6 mths ago ( has it been that long already ? )

    Well the road home is about 30ks half of which coming up the mountain is a twisty 114 corners in 11k to be exact :twisted:

    This road has claimed a few bikes over the years as it is fairly narrow with a lot of blind corners, shared with 4wds / logging trucks etc etc.

    My one rule I've always instilled on myself and others coming to visit whether they are in a cage or bike is .... No matter what, DO NOT CROSS THAT WHITE LINE unless you can see through the corner and whats coming !

    Well coming home tonight from a great day out riding ( 22 sunny with NO wind )
    I broke my own rule and almost became the hood ornament of a crummydore :shock: :oops:
    Nice left hander, went for the 'raceline' and just as I apexed about 20mtrs ? and closing was a crummydore, all I could do was tip in harder and curse [ alot ] :LOL:
    I think I missed him by about a bees dick :shock:

    So much for complacency :? I'll not be breaking that rule again soon !
  2. Well glad we're reading a post about a near miss and not a biker down. A lesson learnt then.
  3. Yeah, keep working on that good public image! :)
    Well done on the save.
    A lesson learnt is better than a lesson ended.
  4. And a good lesson for the novice riders, if you are in a bad spot in a corner, or coming into one, LEAN THE BIKE! Don't grab brake and try to slow down whilst trying to transition into/out of a corner, it doesn't work.
    Trust the bike and don't panic. The worst that will happen is you'll come off anyway.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Geez Bob... You are lucky and i guess most of us are guilty of the double white line mistake. I can imagine the driver though, bloody bike riders.. :p

  6. :LOL: I've already apologized and bought him a drink, thats the good/bad thing about living in a one horse town, everyone knows everyone by sight at least :roll:

    He wasn't too miffed though, he rides one of those Harley thingumy's. And admitted to cutting a corner or two when he can. :rofl:
  7. You had me worried there for a bit, Bob!

    We have a little article of pride down here; ride the Macquarie Pass, BUT only on your side of the white line. It's amazing how much fun you can have just on your side of the road.
  8. eah good to be reading you F#$ked up and learnt from it, Not reading from someone else that you didn't get the chance to learn from it
  9. Sounds a bit like the Spur. Stay away form the white lines because a lot of the cars actually cut them.

    Always trust the bike and tip in a little bit harder. Generally the bike is capable of doing more than we are. I've had a few times trustinghte bike with more lean.

    Glad to hear you came out ok.
  10. The hardest thing I've had to learn as a new rider is that the bike will usually always lean further.

    However, you'd be amazed at how having done something similar on the Cotter and near shitting myself, how it improves your learning curve!!!

    (first reaction to the looming white line was to grab a handfull of brake - stupid newb :oops: )


  11. Cool road bit slippery in the wet i bet! :shock: Yep them white lines are there for a reason. How's hicksville treating you bob?? :LOL:
  12. Phew! Glad you made it through without harm. Nice rescue.
  13. Ccondesending voice) Bob, bob, bob. what are we going to do with you??

    I know. i'm going to personaly ride up there and fill you full of piss :beer: untill you realise what an idiot you were :grin:

    Cya in 3 weeks :biker:
  14. +1 on the riding tips for sticky situations in a corner - do not grab the brakes when you see a car in your path! i learned that the hard way...
    Fantastic that you pulled off a save!
  15. I've always been told to treat that white line like a brick wall. Glad you're still around to pass on the message. :)
  16. Harleys can cut corners? I didn't even think they could turn them!! :p

    Good to hear you stayed up Bob. I freaked myself out one day with how far the bike was leant over....i would have thought I'd be sliding down the road.
  17. Glad to hear you're alright bobsicle. I know it's a shyte scary moment when you watch a car come barrelling around the corner and you're on its side of the road.
  18. Good to see you have sorted it out with a beer.. :LOL:
  19. what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger